Miami Dolphins Re-Sign Larry Johnson


Five days ago, the Miami Dolphins felt that they simply didn’t need Larry Johnson.  So they cut him.  Today, the decided that they did in fact need him after all.  Johnson returned to Miami after deciding to sign with the Phins instead of the Texans who also expressed interest in the over 30 year old runner.

The move will escalate the questions that have been circling the Jeff Ireland decision wagon of late.  Earlier this week Ireland chose to part ways with AJ Edds to add Dante’ Rosario to the offense.  The decision was obviously made by both Tony Sparano and Ireland.  Today’s move sends OG Rey Feinga to the free agent waiting list.

Feinga is a bit of surprise here.  The Dolphins are dangerously thin along the offensive line but deep along the defensive line and still have 9 LB’s on their roster.  In addition, the Dolphins are carrying five TE’s at the moment with one on the practice squad.  So what gives?

Feinga was one of the bright spots during pre-season.  Far from stellar his play continually improved, unlike say, John Jerry.  The business of football is a confusing one and the moves recently suggest that there is simply no point in trying to figure out what the HC and GM are doing in Miami.

Another question the signing brings up is the issue of timing.  Larry Johnson, if he actually survives the roster past this weekend, will be guaranteed his salary for the entire 2011 season as he is a vested veteran.  I can not imagine that the team views his presence on the roster as a game changing addition prior to the Monday night game against the Patriots.

I honestly don’t know what to make of the roster moves.  Edds over Spitler and Marvin Mitchell.  Feinga over Jerry.  Everyone over Jeron Mastrud.  Yesterday the team worked out a pair of defensive backs.  Not free safeties either.  Yet the Oline is a complete mess and they have done little to fix it.

I’m almost to the point of not trying to figure it out anymore.  Almost.

Feinga is practice squad eligible if he clears waiver.

UPDATE:  Rookie Daniel Thomas missed practice due to an undisclosed injury.  Worth keeping an eye on given the signing of Johnson.  Both Thomas and Charles Clay have hamstring injuries.   Severity unknown.