AFC East Weekend Wrap Up: Jets, Bills Win Big


The AFC East is the only division Miami fans truly care about.  At least until the season begins to wind down and playoff talk begins to creep into the conversation.  This weekend, the 2011 opening weekend ended with both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills winning their opening games.  One on the road and one at home.  By the time tonight is finished, there will be three teams with one win and no losses and one team sitting on the bottom taking an early season look up.

Here is your quick AFC East wrap-up.

Buffalo – Could you call the Bills game against the Chiefs a coming out party?  It’s hard to say if the Bills played that well or the Chiefs played that bad.  Maybe a combination of both.  The Chiefs are not as strong a team as some believe they could be and the Bills are likely nowhere near as good as they displayed yesterday.  The Chiefs fumbled the opening kick-off and the Bills didn’t look back.

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for four touchdowns and a modest 205 yards while Fred Jackson ran for a 112 yards controlling the clock.  Defensively, the Bills kept KC QB Matt Cassell under control.  Cassell threw for 116 yards and one touchdown in the second quarter.  This game however was a blowout from the first half.  The Bills defense kept KC off their game the entire game and kept Jamaal Charles to 56 yards on the ground.

The Bills open the season with a win but it’s hard to figure if the game was more about Buffalo’s play or the inept play of the Chiefs.  Either way it was a good game for the Bills.

In New York, the Jets opened their new stadium to the visiting Dallas Cowboys and early on it appeared that the ‘Boyz would take home a victory.

The Jets vaunted defense hardly played like one last night.  In fact Darrel Revis looked more like he was on a “Sandals” beach than his own island.  Dez Bryant got off to a fast start and Mark Sanchez played his typical uninspiring football.  Nothing looked good on the Jets last night.  Until the fourth quarter.

In typical Jets fashion, they managed to hang around long enough to force the Cowboys, or in last nights case QB Tony Romo, into making mistakes.  Romo fumbled at the Jet two which would have put the game away with 9 minutes left and what would have been a 14 point lead.  Instead, the Jets turned that into a comeback.

Following the fumble by Romo, the Jets would block a punt that they returned for the game tying touchdown. Then with 59 seconds left in the game, Romo tossed a pick to Revis who returned it 20 yards to the Dallas 34 which put up the winning field goal.  The Jets looked nothing like the pre-season accolades they have received and yet still managed to pull out a win in a game they played to lose.