Dolphins Cut Larry Johnson…Again


The Miami Dolphins have cut Larry Johnson for a second time.  Earlier today the team gave Johnson his walking papers.  Johnson carried the ball maybe two times and earned just under 100,000 dollars for his efforts.  The Dolphins apparently are fine moving forward with Reggie Bush, Lex Hilliard, Charles Clay, and Daniel Thomas.

At an event on Saturday night, Tony Sparano told a contingent of Dolphins site Webmasters that Daniel Thomas was a player that fans would be surprised with.  This in answer to a question from our friends over at ““.  Thomas reeled off a 107 yard effort against the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon.

The Dolphins appear to be banged up along many positions so it’s likely they will try to add someone to fill in where needed.  Which right about now could be anywhere.

Are you still reeling from the lack of offensive line production?  The fact that Chad Henne slipped into last year was more a result of the worst blocking I have seen in a long time then Henne making mistake after mistake.  Henne literally made most of his passes on the run including two overthrown balls in the end zone as he escaped traffic.  The line blocking was so atrocious on Sunday that the Dolphins lined up Nate Garner as an eligible TE to assist RT Marc Columbo in blocking the weak side.  It was one of the reasons that the TE’s had a very quiet day and took away another option in the passing game.

On the other hand, former FA guard Brian Waters who was signed by the Patriots is having a great season thus far.  Go figure.  The Dolphins failed to address their lack of line depth.  Of course they have also still not addressed the play of one Nolan Carroll.

Carroll was so far off the coverage of Andre Johnson on Johnson’s TD pass that it appeared Johnson had a ten yard cushion in every direction.  The bigger question is why was Carroll matched up one on one with the best WR in the league?  Especially coming off one of the worst performances by a CB in the history of the league.  Rumors today abound that there is a divide starting in the locker room as well.

Jason Taylor, speaking openly with the media eluded to the possibility of players wanting Sparano gone.  He later denied those remarks and said that the media misconstrued what he was saying.  Brandon Marshall has also stated that it’s becoming more like last year and that many players are getting frustrated.  It is all leading to fans suggesting that Tony Sparano could be the first coach fired in this young 2011 season.  Remember…fans are saying.  It’s not even a rumor at this point that his job is literally in jeopardy.

One thing is for certain.  Should the Dolphins go to Cleveland and lose, Tony Sparano is going to have his work cut out for him in getting his team to believe in his decisions.  For example, losing with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter and using a time out on 4th and 1 as opposed to going for it.   Then sending in your punter to return the ball.

On Saturday night, a normally jovial Sparano seemed more distant than in years past.  When asked if the team was considering how best to use the Wild Cat, Sparano replied that they weren’t.  One member clapped lightly to which Sparano replied, “you clap now.  3 years ago you weren’t clapping.  You called it genius”.