Next Head Coach Gets Better Team Than Sparano


The Miami Dolphins haven’t fired Tony Sparano yet.  Yet.  They won’t this week in my opinion and they may not during the bye week.  The reality is that the best option for the Dolphins is Todd Bowles or Mike Nolan.  Well, unless Sparano has been telling Nolan how to run his defense, it’s safe to assume that he no longer is viewed as  a viable option.  So that leaves Bowles or Brian Daboll.  In other words, Stephen Ross is going to have to give this a lot of thought.

What we do know, or we all surmise is that at years end, Sparano will more than likely be replaced as the head coach for the Dolphins.  Great, another series of changes for this team.

Consider what this team has gone through over the last 6 years.  System one:  Nick Saban.  System two:  Came Cameron.  System three:  Bill Parcells/Dan Henning.  System four: Brian Daboll.  System five:  ???  Who that next HC will be is going to bring in his own coaches, his own schemes, his own style, and yes, his own system.  What he will have is far better players on the roster than was inherited by Tony Sparano four years ago.

The next head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and this is of course assuming that at years end we will be searching for one, will have a number one WR in Brandon Marshall, a possession receiver in Davone Bess, a number two wide-out in Brian Hartline, and a speed guy in Edmond Gates.  He will have a young bruising running back in Daniel Thomas and for at least a year, a speedy veteran in Reggie Bush.

He will get Jake Long and an emerging stud in Mike Pouncey.  He will also have to decide what to do with Chad Henne.  A lot of that may have to do with where the team is slotted in the draft next April.

Defensively, the next HC will have Cameron Wake and Jared O’drick along with Vontae’ Davis and Sean Smith.  Karlos Dansby and some nice meat on the front line.  He will need to decide if a 3-4 or a 4-3 will be his staple.

Four years ago, the Dolphins current head man Tony Sparano entered the team with no quarterback, Ronnie Brown, a questionable to return Ricky Williams, and aging stars Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor.  It pretty much ends there.  In my opinion one of the problems with this team is there are too many support players and not enough stars.  That being said, coaching could change that and could be hindering the improvement of those players.

It’s hard to say what will happen at this point or when changes will happen but something needs to change.  Hopefully the next head coach will know how to utilize the players he has.