A Bright Spot?


I am not talking about Chad Henne. I am not talking about Daniel Thomas. I am not talking about Mike Pouncey.

Nope, on this porous defense, there is one bright spot, and that comes in the form of 7th seventh round selection, cornerback Jimmy Wilson. I know what most of you are saying, “Really? The guy who just gave up the game-winning touchdown is a bright spot?”  Yes. He is. Football is a game of inches, and Wilson learned just how many inches on Sunday. That play was not his fault. He was in position. He timed his jump correctly. Colt McCoy just threw an absolutely perfect ball in the only spot Mohamed Mossaquoi could catch it. Nothing anybody could do about it.

The reason I like this kid so much is because he is really beating himself up over this. On a team like the Dolphins where it seems in every game like someone is quitting, Wilson really is playing his heart out. Wilson had a good game. He had a great game, actually. He broke up a few passes. He intercepted his first pass. He easily could have sat in the locker room after the game and raved about how well he played overall, and that he just had bad luck at the end. Not Wilson. Instead, he sat by his locker and sulked. He blamed himself for the loss.

“After that play I really can’t give myself props just because you’ve got to play complete games in the NFL and one play can ruin the whole thing,”

“I didn’t judge the ball right. It was supposed to be an interception to end the game. I take full responsibility. It was my fault. I should’ve timed my jump better, and we wouldn’t have finished with a loss.”

“The loss isn’t easy. I was having a good game up until that point. Now I have to come back and show the guys I can make big plays.”

Love that last quote. You can tell Wilson gets it. He understand the NFL and he understands that one play can mess up a perfect game. This is a guy who spent 25 months in prison for a murder he did not commit (talk about humbling). He plays with a chip on his shoulder. This kid could end up being the steal of the entire 2011 draft, and that is something the Dolphins desperately need. The secondary cannot stay healthy (Vontae Davis, especially), and I feel a hell of a lot more comfortable with Jimmy Wilson manning his position than I do Nolan Carroll. He has shown signs of brilliance in the few first weeks of his career, and you know he is not going to let a play like that happen again.

For a team that seems okay with mediocrity, Wilson will settle for no less than the best. And that is what this team needs.

*Thank you to the Miami Herald and the Miami Dolphins for the quotes.

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