Carl Peterson Not Likely To Join Dolphins


His name has been thrown out as a replacement for Bill Parcells, even before Bill Parcells had officially left the team.  His name has been tossed as a possible replacement for Jeff Ireland as General Manager.  We are of course talking about Carl Peterson the long time former GM of the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post who I spoke with last night on Finsradio (you can listen to the archive of the show by clicking the link) Peterson will not likely be joining the Miami Dolphins in any official capacity.

Biggane has been covering Miami sports for 31 years and said that he and Peterson are friends who speak frequently although he did note that he has not spoken with him in a couple of months.  Biggane said the last time they spoke, Peterson was adamant about not returning to the NFL as a GM and when I pressed him regarding a job as a Bill Parcells type, Biggane shot that notion down as well.

So I did what “real” reporters do…I pressed harder.

I asked Beggane if he could see Peterson taking on a role that would allow him to serve as a go-between for Stephen Ross and the Dolphins GM and team.  A confidant role that would give Ross a trusted football figure in the organization.  He said that according to Peterson, he is done.  He did say that if Ross asked him to do it that he would eventually cave in as a favor but only in the short term.

The more likely scenario is what is currently going on behind the scenes between Ross and Peterson.  Peterson reportedly was a guest of the Miami Dolphins owner in Cleveland last week.  The two are business partners with the “FanVision” product and had been co-owners of a USFL team in the 80’s.  They have a rich history between them.  The fact that Peterson would be in the owners box with Ross isn’t a surprise and you can bet that Ross is bending the ear of his long time associate.  You can also bet that Peterson is more than willing to discuss Ross’ team and the future of the team.  It appears only in that capacity.

The reality is that Ross needs a solid trusted adviser who knows the game.  Ross is not a football guy.  He does not however need to put one of his closest friends in a position of authority that later may cause friction within that friendship.  In other words, Peterson would literally work for Ross if he was hired into a position like Bill Parcells or for that matter as the GM.  It’s not good business for Ross or for Peterson.

The fact that Peterson and Ross are talking now is significant for Ross who does hold trust in his friend and Peterson holds no accountability to Ross or the team by staying out of the picture officially.  It’s a win/win for both Ross and Peterson.  You can bet that Ross is seeking advice from his friend but in this relationship it’s much easier to make a final decision on your own rather than one that goes against what an employed Peterson may recommend.

The more I think about what Brian Biggane said last night in regards to Peterson makes me think that we are seeing now is the extent of Peterson’s involvement with the team.