I still can’t believe it.  The Miami Dolphins are sitting at the bottom of the AFC East at 0-3.  After another extremely disappointing loss to the Cleveland Browns, Miami is one of five teams that are winless through 3 weeks.  A season with expectations of playoffs, has quickly turned into a time of limbo for most Dolphin fans.  We all pretty much know that the playoffs are a very long reach at this point, but isn’t there still the smallest amount of hope?  Not too long ago, the Dolphins were 2-4 before they made their run and won the division.  In order for that to happen, Miami would have to beat either the San Diego Chargers or New York Jets on the road, that is highly unlikely at this point.

The Buffalo Bills are sitting atop the division after knocking off the New England Patriots at home.  They managed to pick off Tom Brady 4 times, and their offense helped the New England Patriots defense move to the bottom of the league.  The Jets were pushed around by the Oakland Raiders in Oakland.  They were never able to get their running game going, and their defense was never able to stop the Raiders from running.  The Bills will travel to Cincinnati to face a Bengals team that could stick around in that game should Buffalo have a let down after coming off the huge win.  The Patriots travel to Oakland, the Patriots rarely lose 2 games in a row, and I look for them to simply outscore the Raiders.  The Jets are in a tough spot, traveling to Baltimore to face a Ravens team fresh off a 30 point trouncing of the St. Louis Rams.

The Miami Dolphins remained winless after blowing a 6 point lead in the final minutes of the 4th quarter.  The defense let Colt McCoy drive 80 yds for the winning TD, while the offense failed to move the ball 10 yds to set up a game winning field goal with 36 seconds left and one timeout.  We’ve all heard or saw what happened, the defense failed to make a stop with the game on the line, and the offense continued to become non-existent in the redzone.  The Miami Dolphins have become a broken record.  Same struggles game after game.  It has become painful to watch, I can’t help but think, ‘oh no, here comes another field goal,’ every time the Dolphins offense gets into the redzone.  Each time an opposing quarterback throws a pass, I just know it’s going to be a tight end catching the pass.  The Miami Dolphins will stay close, only to blow it in the 4th quarter.

It’s becoming more and more clear that the Miami Dolphins just doesn’t have the roster to win in this league.  When the game is on the line, plays need to be made that the Dolphins’ players just aren’t making.  We can all point fingers at the quarterback, or the wide receivers, or the defense, or the coaching.  No matter what the problem may be, the fact is the Dolphins just aren’t winning, and that is what matters most at the end of the day.  0-3 with two tough road games around a bye week.  Miami could find themselves 0-5 by the time they host the Broncos.  If that happens, the question won’t be about whether or not Sparano and Ireland will be back, the question will be who will replace them when they get fired, if they haven’t been already.

If Miami falls to 0-5, I’m leading the ‘Suck For Luck’ campaign.  Maybe this time the new regime will get it right, by taking the best QB in college with their number 1 pick.  This franchise would finally have the answer at the qb position should that happen, something I honestly think they don’t have in Chad Henne.  I hope that doesn’t happen, I would love for Miami to turn things around and figure out how to win games, but the reality of that happening seems pretty far off at this point.  You never know what will happen, but that seems far fetched.  Especially since the Dolphins have recently addressed zero of their problems by adding recently released Steve Slaton.  Really, that’s the answer?  I can’t believe this whole time it was as simple as that!

Ever see the movie “The Money Pit” with Tom Hanks?  I just loved the face Tom Hanks made when the tub fell through the floor.  That’s the kind of face I had when I heard the news of the recent roster move.  I have no clue what Ireland and Sparano are doing, and I’m beginning to doubt they know either…..on to the rankings.

32 Kansas City Chiefs (32).  Next two games provide a little hope.

31 Indianapolis Colts (30).  They may have blown their chance.

30 Miami Dolphins (21).  It doesn’t get any easier over the next few weeks.

29 Minnesota Vikings (23).  All Day….until the 4th quarter.

28 St. Louis Rams (19).  At least they have Bradford.

27 Cincinnati Bengals (28).  Hanging tough in most games

26 Jacksonville Jaguars (29). Moved up by default.

25 Seattle Seahawks (31). That division is aweful.

24 Denver Broncos (26). Fans finally got Tebow.

23 San Francisco 49ers (25). Watch Vick’s head….please.

22 Carolina Panthers (27). They went singing in the rain.

21 Cleveland Browns (24). Their schedule sets them up nicely.

20 Arizona Cardinals (15). Larry Fitzgerald is worth the price of admission.

19 Washington Redskins (14). Had plenty of chances against Romo’s ribs.

18 Tennessee Titans (22). Johnson played that front office.

17 Oakland Raiders (20). Still running on the Jets!

16 Chicago Bears (13). That play was awesome!

15 Tampa Bay Bucaneers (18). Pushed Atlanta around pretty easily.

14 Philadelphia Eagles (6). Can’t keep Vick off the ground.

13 New York Giants (16). Cruzed to victory in Philadelphia.

12 Atlanta Falcons (10). How much did they give up for Julio?

11 Dallas Cowboys (10). Was their center drinking during the game?

10 Pittsburgh Steelers (9). They let Indy get physical with them.

9 New York Jets (8). Get smashed by Oakland then travel to Baltimore.

8 Buffalo Bills (16). Just can’t put them higher yet.

7 Houston Texans (4). How did they let that one get away.

6 Detroit Lions (11). What’s not to like about this team?

5 Baltimore Ravens (7). Flacco is lookin’ really good!

4 San Diego Chargers (5). Finally off to a good start.

3 New England Patriots (2). I bet Brady doesn’t throw 4 picks this week.

2 New Orleans Saints (3). What a comeback!

1 Green Bay Packers (1). Still the champs until they get knocked off.

Phins Up!