It’s Time To Cut Rashed Jones


It’s time to cut Rashed Jones

As many of you know, I always keep a special eye on our secondary, specifically the Free Safety position.  I had the privilege to watch Brock Marion, and Louis Oliver play and own the position while growing up.  Oliver was my favourite Dolphin growing up, and I tried my best to cater my game like his.  A true ball hawk owning the secondary.

Like most of you, I watched yesterday game and I have to break my silence.  It’s time to give up on Rashed Jones.  I am not going to bring up the previous games against the Patriots (99 yard TD that he allowed) Texans (blow coverage on game winning TD), Browns (did he even play?) because I think those memories are still in your haunted dreams.

Let’s just focus on yesterday’s performance and I will prove to you why he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

 Over the top help:

VJax schooled our secondary.  The only good new we had all day was when he left the game, otherwise he would have gone over 200 yards and perhaps 3 TDs.  I am sure you aware of his TD catch that was probably the highlight of the night on SportsCenter.  Let’s break down what happened.

VJax ran a Z post fly.  Vjax was initially covered by Sean Smith.  Jackson ran off his initial bump and run coverage, his over the top help was Bell.  Bell bit hard on the first zig and Jackson saw that, and just finished his route.  He went untouched and made an amazing catch on the 13 yard line.  Not only did he make a diving catch, but he had time to stand back up, dust himself off and then break a terrible attempt to tackle him and bring it to the house.

Jones has a wraparound Jackson.  Perfect opportunity to tackle him, you can’t ask for anything more. But what happens, he can’t tackle and Vjax goes into the house.  It’s not Jones fault for the coverage, but he should have made this tackle especially when you have a chance to wrap him.

Playing the Robber: Pass

Mike Nolan uses his Free Safety to play the Robber on the majority of calls he plays.  The Robber is a technique that allows the Free Safety the opportunity to rob the opposition of plays.  On a pass play the Robber is basically playing a soft cover 1 zone.  The Free Safety has to jump up and allow the play to come to him and make the tackle.

Well Jones was given this opportunity and it looks like he embarrassed himself. Let’s break this down.

San Diego calls a HB screen on a 3rd and 18.  This was a turning  point, Wake just had a sack and we thought we were going to get our D off of the field, but then this happened.

Jones was playing the Robber and was in position to make the play:

The red circle is Jones.  He is basically looking at Mathews and in position to make a tackle while everyone else is catching up from behind, but what happens…terrible read and his play on the ball was off by a mile:

Mathew does a cut move and breaks Jones foundation.  Mathew is now in the clear with 4 Dolphins trying to chase him.

Where is Jones? Great question, lying on the field.

Playing the Robber: Run

This is when I lost it.  We had the Chargers deep in their own territory. 4th quarter hoping to make a three and out.  Jones is once again playing the Robber, in perfect position:

The play has been snapped and it was a I weak lead, bring the play right to Jones:

That’s Jones once again, in perfect position to make the play.  He’s got the perfect read on Mathews and he should be stopped right there….but what happens:

I have no idea what Jones was trying to do, but he look like an idiot right now, flying with nothing to hit.  Mathews is 3 yards ahead of Jones…and Jones is trying to fly like Superman or trying his best to jumbo impression.

I am not saying Jones lost us the game, but he was in perfect position (thank you Mike Nolan) to make some plays that would help our D.  What we are seeing is that our Free Safety position is useless.  We are not getting anything from this position and our Coordinator is putting the player exactly where they need to be, but with no results.  This isn’t a coaching error,  this is the players fault.  I can’t believe I am going to say this….I want Chris Clemons back!