Will Dolphins Lose Henne For Season?


The first quarter came and went in San Diego and the only thing significant was that Chad Henne would not be behind center the rest of the day.  Instead, the duty fell on Matt Moore a Miami Dolphins free agent pick-up this past off-season.  Henne?  After taking a dive towards a first down, Henne appeared to land awkward on his wrist and forearm which then appeared to stiffen sending a jolt into his shoulder.  He did not return.

So far, no official word out of Miami exists and the only one talking is Chad Henne who said he want’s to play through the injury if at all possible and vowed to be ready in two weeks to face the New York Jets.  Now, an NFL.com report is stating that members of the Dolphins staff are worried that their starting QB could be lost for the season.  Henne is expected to get a second opinion on his shoulder later this week and if news becomes an issue of play through it or seek surgery, he and his coaches will make a tough decision.

Henne has hardly been a superstar this year but he is much more improved over the last two years and looked to be in a position to make big changes in Miami’s offense despite the teams redzone struggles.  Now, if this news proves to be accurate, the Dolphins will be on the lookout for another QB.  Currently the team only has Matt Moore on the active 53.  Pat Devlin is on the practice squad.

The Dolphins took a risk this year going into the season with only two QB’s.  New NFL rules have made the emergency 3 QB a thing of the past.  In previous years if a starting QB went down prior to the 4th quarter or the second string QB, a 3rd option QB could be inserted.  That player was not part of the game day active roster but was a key player in the event both other QB’s got hurt.  This year, there is no “E3” QB and teams can either carry three on the active roster (there is an extra game day roster spot) or carry two.

The Dolphins decided not only to carry two on the game day roster but on their 53 man roster as well.  The Dolphins are likely looking for another QB in case Henne can’t go the rest of the season.  For now, the job belongs to Matt Moore until Henne figures out his status.