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2012 NFL Mock Draft


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1. Miami – Matt Kalil | OT | USC | 6’6” | 295

With Ross deciding to keepIrelandand Sparano in place they look to shore up the right side of the offensive line. This would give the Dolphins four first round picks on the offensive line and would help Sparano gain his title of offensive line guru back. Although in Sparano’s eyes Columbo was a great pick up for the line, but understands he was just a stop gap to solidify the right tackle spot. Kalil will pair up with Long to be the best bookends in the NFL.

OK, sorry, I couldn’t resist with that one. There will be no chance that Sparano is still in Miami, and probably Ireland won’t be either, but who knows for sure.

1. Miami – Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford | 6’4” | 225

The “Suck for Luck” campaign is in full swing inSouth Florida if you were unsure; Sage Rosenfels… We understand there is no sure thing, but Luck is about as close to one as you can get. Luck would FINALLY bring Miami a franchise QB for the first time since Dan Marino hung up the cleats.    

2. Indianapolis – Landry Jones | QB | 6′ 3″ | 230 | Oklahoma

If Peyton comes back he will be 38 years old next year. The Colts suffered more than any team could for the loss of their QB. If Manning plays another year or two it would allow Jones to learn. If Manning can’t Jones (like Manning) will learn on the fly.

3. Minnesota – Matt Kalil  | OT | 6′ 6″ | 295 | USC

The Vikings might look to trade because they need to address defense first, but staying here Kalil helps address a need to bolster the offensive line.

4. Seattle – Matt Barkley  | QB | 6′ 2″ | 220 | USC

Does anyone really think Tavares Jackson is the answer? Carroll get’s his QB from college to step right in to the system he is familiar with.

5. Kansas City – Jonathan Martin  | OT | 6′ 6″ | 304 | Stanford

The Chiefs were a bit of smoke and mirrors in 2009 and a tougher schedule along with tough injuries was a taste of reality for them on 2010. They must improve the offensive line and Martin fits the mold for the type of players Scott Pioli likes.

6. St. Louis – Justin Blackmon  | WR | 6′ 1″ | 212 | Oklahoma State

Bradfordis a very talented QB, they problem is there isn’t much talent around him. Blackmon is the best receiver in this class and should be an impact from day one inSt Louis. 

7. Jacksonville – Quinton Couples  | DE | 6′ 6″ | 278 | North Carolina

The Jaguars still have not been able to correct their lack of pass rush. Couples is the top defensive linemen in the draft and no matter who the new coach will be he will need to address the defensive line. 

8. Denver – Trent Richardson  | RB | 5′ 11″ | 224 | Alabama

The Broncos need a QB so look for them to be in play to move up to get one of the top three. However, if they can’t move upRichardsonwould be ideal for the type of ball control offense Fox likes to run.

9. Carolina – Dre Kirkpatrick  | CB | 6′ 3″ | 192 | Alabama

Cam Newton has brought excitement back to theQueenCity. Now the Panthers must improve the defense and Kirkpatrick is a good place to start. 

10. Arizona – Morris Claiborne  | CB | 6′  | 185 | LSU

If Kirkpatrick is 1a then Claiborne is 1b and after trading DCR to the Eagles the Cardinals will need someone opposite of Peterson to beef up the secondary. 

11. Cincinnati – Zach Brown  | OLB | 6′ 2″ | 230 | North Carolina

The Bengals would like to seeRichardson’s name still on the board when they draft, but since he is gone they can improve the linebacking corps. 

12. Cleveland – Riley Reiff  | OT | 6′ 6″ | 300 | Iowa

The Browns need to keep putting the pieces around McCoy. Now that Thomas is in place for years to come Reiff can anchor the right side and give the Browns bookends to protect their young QB. 

13. Philadelphia – Brandon Thompson  | DT | 6′ 2″ | 302 | Clemson

The Eagles just ran up 500 yards of offense and still lost. The “Dream Team” has become a nightmare and can’t stop anyone. They have to improve the middle of the defense and Thompson is a great place to start. 

14. Chicago – Alshon Jeffery  | WR | 6′ 4″ | 233 | South Carolina

Cutler needs a good target on the outside. Jeffry would be putting up huge numbers if he had a QB to get him the ball. He is good in college, but will be better as a pro.

15. Oakland – Janoris Jenkins  | CB | 5′ 10″ | 182 | North Alabama

Jenkins road to the NFL has been a bumpy one, but he has made a name for himself has a hardnosed defender. The Raiders have a good team still developing but need to strengthen the defensive backfield. 

16. New York Jets – Brandon Jenkins  | DE/OLB | 6′ 3″ | 265 | Florida State

Jenkins might be the best pure pass rusher in the game. As good as the Jets defense can be they still can’t get a consistent pass rush. Jenkins could do to the Jets defense what Suggs did for the Ravens. 

17. Cleveland (f/ Atlanta) – Stephon Gilmore  | CB | 6′ 1″ | 194 | South Carolina

After shoring up the offensive lineClevelandlooks to add another physical corner that can pair up with Haden. Gilmore and Haden paired together could be the most physical tandem in the NFL. 

18. Washington – Michael Floyd  | WR | 6′ 3″ | 220 | Notre Dame

Who would have thunk it when Grossman said to watch out for the Redskins? Although they fall just short they put a decent season together. Michael Floyd gives them a true #1 reviver that is much needed for the offense.

19. Buffalo – Donte Paige-Moss  | DE/OLB | 6′ 4″ | 260 | North Carolina

The Bills offense can score with the best of them, but the defense has issues. After the failed Maybin experiment they must find someone that can get a pass rush from the outside. Paige-Moss can do just that. 

20. NY Giants – Manti Te’o  | ILB | 6′ 2″ | 255 | Notre Dame

The Giant’s defense has been riddled with injury and Te’o will give them stability in the middle. 

21. Tennessee – Jared Crick  | DE | 6′ 4″ | 285 | Nebraska

The Titans could go a few different ways, but after losing Babin they need another quality DE. Crick is very good quality and should provide stability along the D Line. 

22. Tampa Bay – Alfonzo Dennard  | CB | 5′ 10″ | 195 | Nebraska

How much longer can Ronde Barber play, Talib is just an arrest away from being out of the NFL. The Bucs are an up and coming team. Dennard can step in to replace Barber when he’s ready to hang them up. 

23. Pittsburgh –  Cordy Glenn  | OG | 6′ 5″ | 348 | Georgia

The Steelers line is horrible, yet they just keep winning. Glenn give them a mountain of a man to line up next to Pouncey to help protect Big Ben and open up holes in the middle. 

24. Detroit – Dont’a Hightower  | ILB | 6′ 4″ | 258 | Alabama

The Lions are for real.Staffordand Johnson are fun to watch. With Shu and Fairley in front of him Hightower will be free to roam and be a tackling machine. 

25. San Francisco – Peter Konz  | C | 6′ 5″ | 315 | Wisconsin

Jim Harbaugh seems to be turning the Niners around. Goodwin will be 33 next year and Konz would be a solid replacement. 

26. Baltimore – Vontaze Burfict  | ILB | 6′ 3″ | 250 | Arizona State

If ever there was a fit for a player. Burfict is a renegade gone wild on and off the field. His tough hard nosed style of play and leadership will do well inBaltimorewhen Ray Ray hangs them up. 

27. Dallas – Chase Minnfield  | CB | 6′ | 185 | Virginia

The secondary needs help andDallasmust address. Newman only has so much tread left on the tires. 

28. Houston – Josh Chapman  | DT | 6′ 1″ | 310 | Alabama

Wade get’s his prototype NT for is 3-4 pressure defense. Chapman can clog up space and allow the LB’s to roam. 

29. San Diego – Bruce Irvin  | DE/OLB | 6′ 2″ | 245 | West Virginia

The Chargers need a pass rush. Irvin is a pass rush specialist that is getting a chance to play all the time now. He’s a little undersized but speed and good technique make up for his lack of bulk. 

30. New England (f/ NO) – Courtney Upshaw  | DE/OLB | 6′ 2″ | 265 | Alabama

The Pats must improve the defense and find someone who can pressure the QB. Bellichick and Saban are good friends, so he will have all the scouting and know what he can and can’t do. 

31. New England – Nick Toon  | WR | 6′ 2″ | 220 | Wisconsin

Al’s little boy isn’t so little. Toon has the size to give Brady another weapon on the outside to go along with all the small receivers. Not that I actually expect the Patriots to make two picks, but here ya go. 

32. Green Bay – Ronnell Lewis  | DE/OLB | 6′ 2″ | 244 | Oklahoma

The rich get richer. The Packers blitz more than any team in the NFL and they add another player that can get at the QB.