Mr. Ross … The Time Has Come!

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1).  The Dolphins offense wasted two time outs in the first half because of late personnel changes.

2).  The Dolphins offense consistently lined up with less than 10 seconds on the play clock.

3).  With 1:10 left on the first half game clock and down 14 – 6 on the scoreboard, the Dolphins ran out the clock — largely because they had already wasted two time outs.

4).  The Dolphins offense punted on the first drive of the second half rather than attempting a 53 yard field goal.

5).  The Dolphins offense did not conduct a quick snap after Marshall caught a controversial third down pass for a first down — the play was overturned via NYJ challenge.

6).  There was NO Miami challenge on Brian Hartline’s apparent catch of a long pass when replay showed his knee and hip down in bounds.

7).  Overall player conditioning was again suspect exemplified by Sean Smith leaving the game (again) with a leg cramp.

This is poor coaching.  And, this is not the first time Dolphans have seen this.  It has happened time and time and time again over the last three plus years.  It is time for Tony Sparano to hit the road!

Many media pundits have written that it is not wise to make a coaching change in mid season.  They have written that there are no good alternatives.  I think this is BS.  I’ll give you one alternative that makes it double BS.  It comes in the name of Jeff Fisher.  His name has been often floated as one of the superstar coaches on the short list for the Dolphins.  Fisher is currently unemployed at the present time, recently seen at Auburn football games watching his youngest son.  In November 1994, Jeff Fisher took over as Head Coach of the then Houston Oilers for the last six games of the seaons — Head Coach Jack Pardee was fired.  It was just four full seasons later that the moved and renamed Tennessee Titans posted a 13 – 3 season record and went to the Super Bowl losing to the Saint Louis Rams with Kevin Dyson being tackled on the one yard line at the end of the game.

There are alternatives out there to putting up with the poor, gutless coaching of Tony Sparano.  Jeff Fisher has experience taking over a team in mid season.  Jeff Fisher has experience turning a program around and taking a team to the Super Bowl.  Jeff Fisher is a no nonsense kind of coach that does not put up with the BS of prima donna players.  He is an intense coach that will motivate Miami players — now, in mid season.  He can come in now and have 10 games to evaluate the Miami Dolphins team before next season and more importantly the draft.  The players will respect him because HE has taken a team to the Super Bowl.  He has coached under Buddy Ryan (Eagles and Cards) and George Seifert (49ers).  And, he knows how to manage personnel too — so, you can fire Jeff Ireland along with Tony Sparano.

Mr. Ross, think about it.  Mr. Ross, the time has come.  Mr. Ross, time to make a change — especially, if the Dolphins lose to the Broncos at home.  And, there are alternatives out there.  Why not take a trip this weekend to the Auburn at LSU game?  You just might find Jeff Fisher there watching his son play.  Why not talk to him after the game about … whatever?  You might find a solution to your problems!

What do you all think?

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