Dolphins’ Wheels Starting To Fall Off?


A few days ago I wrote an article basically congratulating the team for not pointing fingers at each other and taking a look only in the mirror to place blame.  Even while the Tony Sparano watch continues into week 8 the Dolphins still have not folded under the pressure of a winless season. 

Yesterday it was reported that Sparano and his wife put their home up on the market.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Nor did I view it as an earth shattering news event that others did.  Today however, it appears that the cracks that were likely invisible a few days ago are starting to show.

Last week Reggie Bush remained behind after the Denver loss and answered questions.  He manned up so to speak instead of “Cowhering” behind excuses.  When he was asked about the team playing for their HC and how they felt about his likely termination, Bush replied that “no player should be worried about that stuff and if they are they shouldn’t be here”.  In a nut shell.

Today, Bush decided to answer questions and one reply was simply this.  “We stink”.  He isn’t lying by any stretch.  He isn’t calling anyone out, he doesn’t refer to the team as specifically not him, but instead as a team.  It’s easy to see and easier for fans to stand up and shout “WELL DUH!”  In fact, maybe if the players start believing that they stink then maybe they would stop playing like it.

Apparently, Miami Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell has taken exception to that.  Earlier this evening, Bell said “Bush Stinks” in reference to Reggie and not the former President.  Bell said that no player should be saying that out of the locker room.  I suppose it doesn’t matter that they really do stink.

This is the first personal jab that a Dolphins player has vollied and it likely won’t be the last.  One thrown out will inevitably open up the vine for more comments and so on.

Earlier this week Anthony Fasano took a jab at Dolphins fans who think that the team should “suck for Luck” calling those fans “sick” and not “real” fans.  It only further illustrates a growing sense of anxiety in the locker room and a disconnect with their own fans. 

A loss this week will only further divide the resolve of players still holding up and if losses continue to mount against visiting Washington and Kansas City in the following two weeks, it’s safe to say that the claws will be completely out.

For now, what little bit of sway or respect that Sparano currently has over his team…if any, will be needed to quell this divide before it becomes an uprising.