We aren’t BAD enough to get Lucky.


Warning: the Miami Dolphins are not the worst team in the NFL.

For all the advocates in the #suck4luck campaign I have terrible news; we are NOT the worst team in the NFL. No my friends that title belongs to the Colts, they are wretched. Why are they so bad?

One word: defense (proverbially for the lack there of).

Their defense has allowed an astronomical number of 252 points against this year! Their point differential is -131, we however are only in the negative 59 points (-59 for those keeping score). To keep in perspective how bad they are, the team that comes in second behind the Colts is only at 207 points against (the Panthers not the Phins, who have only allowed 166). Lets break that down:

The Dreadful Colts – 252
Panthers – 207
Broncos – 200
Vikings – 199
Rams – 192
Saints – 189
Cardinals – 183
Raiders – 178
Bucs – 169
… and THEN our beloved Phins 166 (10th)

WE are actually 59 points off of the least PA (49ers 107) which in essence makes us much closer to the top than it does the bottom. Guys, we aren’t that bad. We just have NO leadership, and that connects to our lack of ability to play in the 4th quarter. You can argue on and on about what wins and loses games, but this is the bottom line: You have to STOP the opposing team.

I know that there are a lot of rumors out there about Peyton Manning’s health. But, we have to look at the real threat of Manning never playing football again. My day job is in the medical field, and because of that I have friends in all types of practices. The other day I had a conversation with Dr. Jeff Grossman, a neck and back pain specialist in Atlanta. Dr. Grossman greatly believes Manning will never play again due to the information that he has been able to gather from the story. He is under the opinion that this neck injury is not something that he will be able to completely recover from, ever. Granted we aren’t looking directly at Manning’s medical file, but when a specialist tells you that they think an injury is too severe to recover from, It grabs your attention. Now if Manning cannot recover from this injury the Colts HAVE to take Luck. Manning was the only thing relevant in that town, and he will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. If they take any thing away from what the Miami Dolphins have shown after losing their marquee quarterback it’s that you don’t want to wallow in your own pity for the next 12 years. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but folks we are a lot better then the Colts. Thanks to that we are not going to get “Lucky.”