Mandich, Raiders, Dolphins, Jags…Oh My!


There is a lot going on in the world of football on this Tuesday afternoon.  Some in Miami and some outside of the area but news nonetheless.

By now you have heard that the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired 9 year head coach Jack Del Rio making him the first NFL HC to be canned this season.  With many more coaches on the hot seat, including our own Tony Sparano, it’s safe to say that over the final weeks of the season more names will be joining Del Rio on the unemployment line.  In addition to the firing of Del Rio, the Jacksonville owner Wayne Weaver, announced today that the team has been sold to Pakistani Entrepreneur named Shahid Kahn.  Kahn will have to be approved by the league and owners before taking over control.

In Indianapolis, they fired their defensive coordinator and relegated QB Curtis Painter to the bench.  It’s also safe to assume that HC Jim Caldwell could be fired at seasons end as well.

Also on the coaching hot seat, Norv Turner in San Diego, Mike Shanahan in Washington, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier, Andy Reid in Philly, and no one is safe in St. Louis, Arizona, or even Kansas City.  Should be an interesting off-season.  In Miami, for the first time, Tony Sparano conceded that his job may be running out on him when he told reporters following Thursdays’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys,

"“I’ll say this about Jake Long,” Sparano said Friday. “We’re all going to be really happy down the road here, or you’re all going to be really happy down the road here, that Jake Long is here and he’s a Miami Dolphin.” – from the associated press"

Sparano was defending Long after a horrible day for the pro-bowl left tackle, the “or you’re going to be really happy” has sparked some thoughts on his opinion of his tenure ending shortly after the season, if not before.

In more exciting news, the Dolphins will do former standout TE and team broadcaster Jim “Maddog” Mandich the long overdue honor of being on the “Ring of Honor”.  While he will not go into the ring as a tight end specifically, he will go in as a special contributor, something that no one will argue with.  Mandich has done as much for the Dolphins since his retirement from football…if not more, than he did as a player for the team.  Congratulations Jim.

With the Raiders coming into town this weekend, the Dolphins will face one of the better running teams in the league.  Led by starting running back Darren McFadden the Raiders have a high powered running attack and despite the early indications that McFadden will miss another week, the Raiders have not lost much while using Michael Bush in the backfield.  The Dolphins will have their hands full with a very aggressive front line of the Raiders…on both sides of the ball.