Brandon Fields Is The Miami Dolphins MVP


The only player on this Dolphins team who has played his position to perfection in each of the 11 games this season is the unsung hero, punter Brandon Fields.  With the 225th pick in the 7th round of the 2007 draft, Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller actually made a solid pick (the only one) choosing this man-child from Michigan State.  Standing at 6’5’’, 245 lbs, not only can Fields punt the ball out of the stadium, but he will pin you deep as well.  He is the current MVP of this team.

So just how good is this no name punter from Miami?  Well for starters, he may be wearing number 2 on his Jersey, but he’s currently ranked number 1 in the entire league for kicks inside the 20 yard line, with 24 on the season.   The talented Mr. Fields is also currently ranked fifth in the NFL, averaging 48.6 yards per punt.

His longest kick this season?  70 yards!  If you listen closely to the CBS game commentators each week, you will hear, “Oh My” after a launched punt from Fields.  This guy has been automatic all season and has shown up with numerous clutch kicks in critical situations.

I’m always amazed at how precise his punts are and it is something I especially notice when I analyze and re-watch the games.  Fields has been the lone bright spot on this team all season and he certainly deserves a standing ovation.  Miami has been able to win the field position battle each week, solely on his magical right leg.  In 2009, Fields went to his first Pro Bowl as a “replacement invite.  If he continues this stellar performance over the remaining 5 games, Fields will not need to “replace” anyone in this year’s Pro Bowl.

Like a chess game, Fields continues to set up the Dolphins’ defense in promising positions to make game-changing plays.  As we all know, the Dolphins’ offense is not exactly explosive so excellent field position is vital to this team.  Nothing has motivated the special teams and defense more than the play of Fields.  Punt returners have been unable to gain yardage on his monster high hanging kicks.  Offenses that are pinned near their own goal line have been handcuffed and limited on play calling.  Throughout this season, he has single handedly changed the momentum of games by his ability to dictate field position at will.  Fields consistently puts his team in ideal situations to win games more than any other player making him our MVP.