Going Behind Enemy Lines: 5 ?’s With A Raider


Every now and then we like to have a little fun here and get a hold of one of our opponents writers from the site that covers that team.  This week we dive in behind the lines of this weeks enemy the Oakland Raiders.  Chris Shellcroft over at JustBlogBaby.com swapped a few “Q’s” this week.  Most of them were tongue in cheek to have a little bit of fun.  You can read the answers to the questions he posed me by jumping “HERE”.

1:  How many times has Al Davis turned over in his grave so far?

"I’m pretty sure Mr. Davis is resting comfortably. Hue Jackson has kept the Davis spirit alive by making bold personnel moves, getting his men to play physical football and above all else he’s just winning, baby!"

2:  Is Carson Palmer regretting his trade demand yet now that three of his weapons are gone?

"What makes Palmer’s arrival so vital is that he’s elevating all of the weapons on the Oakland roster. Each week a new player emerges thanks to Palmer getting more and more comfortable. Marcel Reece is the name that is finally popping up on the football radar. He’s a fullback unlike any other in the league that the Raiders will use in a multitude of ways. Sure, Carson would love to have Darren McFadden, Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford healthy but he’s making the most of what he’s got. About the only regret Palmer might have is cutting his salary to make the trade work. Right about now he’s grossly underpaid when compared to the rest of the QBs in the AFC West."

3: The Raiders are one game up on The Broncos, how many are they up on Tim Tebow?

"In the two times the Raiders have faced the Mile High Tebows they’ve split. Since Touchdown Jesus got the better of the Raiders last time around I’d have to say the Raiders are even with the Lord and Savior of football. Of course since it is a sin to beat Tebow that might not be a bad thing for those among the Raiders that want entrance into the pearly gates."

4:  I liked your reality TV question…what show would the Raiders be?\

"The Raiders would be the Amazing Race. This season has been one crazy obstacle after another. You never know what to expect every week and it is hard to keep up with all the plot lines going on in Oakland. Also, the Raiders are much better on the road than at home which leads you to believe their playoff chances would greatly improve if they were just constantly traveling all season long."

5:  Kim Kardashian is now single, any chance Michael Bush uses his last name to move in on that?

"Unfortunately for Michael Bush he’d have no chance at dating the world’s most famous homemade porn star. Kim K  seems to only go for scrubs and underachievers. Bush has been far too productive in the absence of Darren McFadden to find his way into the Kardashian clan. Now if he somehow can get paid, slack off, demand a trade and then tease fans with a few amazing plays here and there he might pop up on the attention whore radar in the basement of the Kardashian castle."

6:  Why are the Raiders not getting the respect that most division leaders are?

"The Raiders are still not playing up to their full potential. Injuries have led to weekly uncertainty and inconsistency. Also, Oakland tends to be their own worst enemy.About  all their other losses were marred by penalties, turnovers and critical mistakes. It is also damn near impossible to get respect when you’re only one game up on a team running a college offense and you are the only division leader that has been outscored on the season. Respect will come when the Raiders are playing focused football for an entire 60 minutes on Sunday. Until then the Rodney Dangerfield routine will be on a constant loop in the East Bay."