Things I Liked About the Miami Dolphins Win


So, I was going to write about how it seems that the Dolphins are fighting to keep Tony Sparano’s job, something I am currently on board with, but many media, and more importantly, my boss are already working that angle.  I was going to write how the Giants loss to the Packers looked eerily similar to their 2007 regular season game against the Patriots.  Someone beat me to that, also.  There was not one thing during the Dolphins-Raiders tilt that made me stand up and say, Oh My, although there were a number of little things I liked, so I will focus on the little things that made this day worth waking up for.

Clyde Gates:  Fresh off his career long Kickoff Return of 39 yards against Dallas, Gates proceeded to blow the doors open on the opening return of the second half, when the game was still in doubt.  This play helped set up Reggie Bush’s 1 yard touchdown to put the score at 20 –  0 to effectively end the game.

Clyde Gates again:  Just a small thing, but he had a 4 yard end around.  I like this because the Dolphins were trying to find a way to use his speed in an offensive setting other than saying just run deep and lets pray.

Kevin Burnett:  Very Impressive interception return.  I was one of the people that thought kicking Crowder to the curb was a mistake because of his knowledge and leadership.  No chance in hell Crowder makes that play, though.

John Jerry:  The pull on Reggie Bush’s Touchdown was fairly impressive, and as a credit to Jerry, the announcers did not mention his name, which generally means the lineman did well.  It makes me want the team to ride Jerry the rest of the year to get him some game experience.

Run D:  The D definitely put a saddle on Michael Bush and Oakland’s rushing attack, forcing Palmer into positions where he had to throw.

Jason Taylor:  He looked to have a bit of burst, and was around the QB a bit, and caused a hold.  I wish there were a stat for holds caused.  Cam Wake would lead the league.

Brandon Marshall:  His 38 yard grab on 3rd and 7 in the 3rd quarter was a thing of beauty.  He wasn’t quite the Monster today, but he didn’t need to be.

Reggie Bush:  One of the first plays of the game, he was able to outflank the defense for a nice gain, and instead of being content with that, he decided to drive himself into, not one, but two defenders in an effort to gain more yards, when he could easily have run out of bounds.

Overall, it was a solid effort by a group that refuses to quit, and the way the schedule is breaking, we could definitely see 7 – 9 for the third straight year, with winnable games upcoming against Philadelphia, Buffalo and the stinking Jets.

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