Dolphins Coaching Decision: Staff Thoughts


Continuing our look at the Miami Dolphins head coaching search that will begin officially following Sunday’s finale with the New York Jets, we present for you, three more staff opinions on who will be hired and who they want to be hired.

John Ulshafer

Who I WANT FOR HEAD COACH – Jeff Fisher – consistent winner, only 5 losing seasons out of 17 with Oilers/Titans. Good administrator, willing to be “face of franchise”, solid defenses, would easily transition this defense to 4-3, a boon for Cam Wake (Jevon Kearse II), can hand BM

WHO I THINK WILL BE CHOSEN – Brian Billick – will take the job, suits Ross’ need for “offensive coach”, will interview wonderfully, charming Ross, will fit seamlessly into coaching staff allowing Nolan and Daboll to stay, will jump at chance to work with BM, Bess, Hartline and Bush, willing to work with Ireland

Joe Cokel

Who I want for the next HC:   Brian Billick.  I think Coach Billick is a big enough name to satisfy Mr Ross while still giving the team the Offensive Coach it needs.  Also I think he will keep Nolan and his Defensive coaches around because he worker with them in Baltimore.

Who I think it will be:  Jon Gruden,  I think his ESPN personality will win over Mr Ross.  Mr Ross is looking for a BIG NAME and it doesn’t get much bigger that Gruden on Monday Night Football.  This won’t be the worst pick it’s still an offensive minded coach but I think it spells the end for the entire coaching staff and Gruden brings in the Tampa 2 defense.

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Gene Hauze

I think it would have been better, for me, to have waited a week to make this decision.  Why?  I think the Dolphins’ draft position will have a large influence on who I think will be their next HC.  For example, if they happen to get the fourth pick in the draft having the chance to draft RGIII, I think Gruden will be the next HC.  He would be best, I think, to develop a young QB.  If they get the 10th pick, I don’t think they will draft a QB in the first round likely going with Matt Moore as the starter for next year and thus Billick will be the next HC.  He would be best, I think, because he knows how to win a SB with a mediocre QB.

With that said, if I had to provide my input today given that I think the Dolphins will beat the Jets this week winding up with the 10th pick in the draft:

Who I want to be the next HC:

Jim Tressel.  The Dolphins currently have a great DC and a creative OC — they should keep them for continuity sake and add Chad Pennington as the QBs Coach.  They need a motivator and organizer to properly prepare a team (with many young players) for the beginning of the season and keep them motivated straight thru to the end of the season.  Tressel is that kind of intellectual guy.  His program at Ohio State produced 47 current NFL players.  I think he would do wonders with football players who actually get paid good money and where he would not have to deal with all the stupid NCAA rules.  I think he would have a positive influence on Miami’s future draft selections.

Who I think will be the next HC:

Brian Billick.  Brian Billick won a Super Bowl with a Ravens team that had a dominant defense.  The Defensive Coordinator for that Ravens’ team was Dick Nolan — I think Ross wants to retain Nolan as DC.  Nolan provides Billick with team continuity, especially on defense.  Billick can focus on the offensive side of the ball — he was an OC for Minnesota for six years during the mid 1990’s.  Billick is relatively young turning 58 years old this February.  I think the desire still burns within him to produce another Super Bowl team — this time with more balance between offense, his expertise, and defense.  The only question is whether he can work with Jeff Ireland — maybe Billick can convince Ozzie Newsome to come and build the Dolphi