Carl Peterson Involved In Fisher Interview


The Sun-Sentinel reported earlier that Carl Peterson was involved heavily in the coaching interview of former Titan HC Jeff Fisher.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, VIA a messaged photo from David J. Neal of the Herald confirmed that Peterson was involved in the interview process.

Salguero also contends through his “sources” that Peterson will join the club as President of Football Operations in the next few days or weeks…something I have contended would happen at seasons end, two months ago on “On The Fin Side” on  Peterson is the best thing for Stephen Ross.  Forget all the bull that carried out of KC, Peterson will not be the GM and it’s very unlikely that he will serve in any player acquisitions.  That is Jeff Ireland’s job and Peterson has said he does not want to be a part of that again.

Peterson does however bring a vast “NFL” knowledge to Stephen Ross.  He also brings an unbiased opinion as well as a very closely guarded friendship with the teams owner.  Peterson will help make Ross a better owner by guiding him through certain types of situations that Ross until now has been wading through on his own.  It’s not a surprise that Peterson was there for the Jeff Fisher interview, the surprise would have been if he wasn’t.

To entice a coach of Jeff Fisher’s stature, all the playing cards must be on the table and that includes any and all significant structure changes to the teams management.  At the time of this writing it is not known if or what kind of a contract or offer was made to Fisher prior to his boarding the helicopter with Ross and flying away.  Fisher is scheduled to meet with the Rams later this week and if the Dolphins want Fisher, they would be smart to put this to bed now rather than wait.

Fisher will obviously need to speak with his wife and family first and it’s more than likely that Ross will try and keep Fisher in Miami overnight and try and continue the talks tomorrow or at the very least over dinner this evening.  Fishers’ opportunities dwindled slightly today when Dean Spanos of the Chargers announced that Norv Turner would not be fired.  His landing spots currently remain Miami, St. Louis, Tampa, or Jacksonville, and there is still some feeling in league circles that Jim Caldwell could be fired as well.