Matt Flynn Is The Answer For The Dolphins


It’s time for all of us to get real here and just understand that the big stud from Stanford, Andrew Luck, will not be a Dolphin in 2012.  People who are thinking that Luck can still come to Miami probably still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.  It’s just not going to happen… And, do you really want to get into a bidding war with the Redskins, Browns, and Seahawks to trade up to get Baylor’s Robert Griffin III?  Are you that convinced that his size and style of offense will enable him to become an elite QB in the NFL that can lead a team to a Super Bowl?  I realize that a lot of Dolfans will disagree with this article, but I think Green Bay’s back-up QB, Matt Flynn, is the answer to the Dolphins’ QB dilemma.  In my opinion, he is very talented and is the best QB option for the Dolphins next year. 

Yes, I’m fully aware that Flynn has only started in two NFL games during his four years with the Packers.  However, both starts were against great teams.  Last year, he went toe-to-toe with Tom Brady in New England.  He completed 23 of his 37 passes for three touchdowns and one interception for 254 yards.  He drove his team deep into New England territory late in the game but was sacked on the final play to lose a heartbreaker 31 to 27.

This past weekend, the student finally taught the great Professor a few things.   Flynn set two all-time Green Bay Packer records against a very good and hungry Detroit Lions team, even with several offensive starters resting for the playoffs.  Flynn was able to throw for an amazing 480 yards and six touchdowns.  Something Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers never accomplished.  Flynn was able to outduel the very talented Matthew Stafford in a 45 to 41 barnburner to close out the season in Green Bay.   

For four years, Flynn has waited patiently on the sideline holding a clip board watching and learning from the best QB in the entire NFL.  One could only be so lucky to show up to work with a guy like Rodgers every day and receive a free education on how to execute the QB position to perfection.  Fortunately for Flynn, he is becoming a product of his environment.

Some birds are meant to have their wings clipped and confined in cages.  Flynn is not one of these birds.  Last weekend he was allowed out of the cage and he sure did take advantage of it.  Flynn will be a free agent and will no longer want to be a back up to anyone and nor should he.  He looks confident, poised in the pocket, plays with urgency, has great football awareness, and throws a beautiful deep ball.  Flynn has the characteristics of a great leader and is ready to be a starter now in this league.

Unlike RGIII, it won’t take multiple precious early round picks to make Flynn a Dolphin.  Last year, Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb was the hottest free agent on the market and the Arizona Cardinals only had to give up a second round pick and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to get him.  Even when the Dolphins do address their QB issue, they still have several huge holes to fill and desperately need all the draft picks they can get.

That’s why it would be wise for the Dolphins to make a small “draft” investment in Flynn instead of a King’s ransom for RGIII.  Also, with any rookie QB, there will be growing pains and early struggles.  It could take a few years to develop any of these QBs in this year’s draft.  Heck, even the great Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions and struggled to win just three games his rookie year.  That won’t be the case for Flynn.  He’s already assembled in the package ready to go.  

Flynn plays with intense passion and knows how to win big games.  After all, he did help his LSU Tigers win the 2008 BCS National Championship game beating the Ohio State Buckeyes 38 to 24.  Flynn was under the brightest spotlight with tremendous pressure and he delivered in the clutch.  He was named the offensive MVP of the game.  During that same season, Flynn helped his team win some last second thrillers, including a 22 yard touchdown pass with one second remaining on the clock to beat the Auburn Tigers, which became an Instant Classic.

I believe Matt Flynn is a diamond in the rough and is ripe for the picking.  For the last four years he has been tutored and groomed by the league’s finest QB.  He is a gun-slinger that certainly has no issues scoring points, which is exactly what this team needs.  Most importantly, Miami wouldn’t have to trade away their entire draft to get him.  I think Flynn is the best option for the Dolphins right now and he can finally be the answer to their quarterback dilemma.