The Miami Dolphins will not be able to get Andrew Luck, and ..."/> The Miami Dolphins will not be able to get Andrew Luck, and ..."/> The Miami Dolphins will not be able to get Andrew Luck, and ..."/>

Fixing the QB Situation In Miami


The Miami Dolphins will not be able to get Andrew Luck, and would be a stretch to get Robert Griffin III, and possibly cost some draft picks. With both of these quarterbacks it isn’t sure if they will become anything special in the NFL, so what should Miami do?

Starter: Matt Flynn

This is not the year we can draft a franchise QB, so the dolphin need to look somewhere else to fill that spot. Of course, I am talking about Matt Flynn. The Dolphins cannot allow another Drew Brees situation to pass them up. The Dolphins have been full of regret since Dan Marino left. Picking Matt Flynn would be a great move, but to make it completely safe, pick up Joe Philbin (Packers Offensive Coordinator) as Head Coach.

Backup: Chad Henne

I know I am going to get ridiculed for this, but I believe Chad Henne is the right choice for this job. I went back and watched the games he played at the beginning of the season, and he was incredible. Every down he was getting knocked down on his butt, players were dropping his passes, and no one was on the same page. My biggest problem with Matt Moore is he doesn’t look around the field; he looks at one man, and because of that he misses some wide open receivers. If Henne would have had the same protection, same defense, and same capable receivers Moore had, Henne would have been a top five QB.

Third string: Landry Jones

Staying where the Dolphins are in the draft, they would be able to draft Landry Jones. Because rookies are not paid like they use to be, they would not take a huge hit making a rookie third string. Picking Jones with these two would bring three QB’s with the same style of play, and almost identical playing qualities.

All three of these players could become a Superstar in the NFL under the right coach. The QB position is the one place that the Dolphins have been trying to fix, so trying to get three QB’s in three different venues would be a sure fix. This would satisfy everyone:

Flynn – Free agent Superstar.
Henne – Trained into the position/Long term commitment.
Jones – First round draft pick.

The big issue people would have is, if we get Flynn why waste a fist round draft pick on Jones? All the positions the Dolphins need to fill will be available to fix in Free Agency. Honestly, I believe the Dolphins could trade the rest of their draft picks for future picks to free up cap room for Free Agency. There has never been a Free Agent class this deep, and all the places it is deepest in is the place the Dolphins need. I know this is something unheard of, but it would fix the Dolphins for 2012 and secure a fix for the next generation.