Let’s be real,  all the talk during the 0-7 start was abou..."/> Let’s be real,  all the talk during the 0-7 start was abou..."/>

And We Continue to Wait…


And We Continue to Wait…

Let’s be real,  all the talk during the 0-7 start was about us finally getting a chance to take a top 5 pick and that top 5 pick be the long anticipated Quarterback of the future…

Well, the way this draft is looking picking 8th or 9th overall (depending on the tie breaker coin toss during the combine with Carolina) will not put us in a position to select a QB that we want

Andrew Luck is the best prospect in the draft and barring a drastic trade or something to that extent will be selected number 1 overall by the Colts.  The next closest prospective that has the “CAAAM” hype is Robert Griffin III, but he will be off the board when our team in on the clock.

Two other top prospects that had some sort of draft hype Matt Barkley and Landry Jones decided that they did not want to leave the college game and will be staying with their respective college program next year.

So where does that leave us, a team that hasn’t made a first round selection on QB since Dan Marino, well in the same positions we have been in since 13 retired.

I for one no longer want to draft QB’s in the 2nd round….I think we continue to waste picks, especially since it will be a pick in the top 50.  Yes an argument can be made that Andy Dalton has taken his club to the playoffs this year being a rookie QB taken in the 2nd round.  But let me remind you that for every Dalton there is a John Beck, Chad Henne, Pat White, a trade of 2nd round pick for Duante Cullpepper and AJ Feeley….how many times do we have to repeat the same mistake.

Let’s stop the madness.

I am not sure how the draft is shaping up, it’s way too early to even begin thinking about mock drafts, with teams thinking about the playoffs where other teams, like us, are trying to rebuild their culture by searching for a new Head Coach.

So where does that leave us, a team still desperate for a QB, we have to make a wise decision.  If our new regimen believes that Andrew Luck is the best QB that will be available for years, then make a move, try something drastic and trade up for him.  If not, wait and see what develops in terms of Free Agency.  The biggest name that will be on the market will be Peyton Manning.  The best hype player will be Matt Flynn.  What these two players will demand in Free Agency is not known, only time will tell.