Fisher Close To Choosing Rams?


If you have been following the escapades of the Miami Dolphins head coaching search, then you obviously know that the Dolphins are seeking former Titan HC Jeff Fisher. According to Howard Balzer of ESPN Radio in St. Louis, Fisher is close to signing with the Rams.

Balzer says that the high draft pick and the stable QB situation is the main factor in his choice. Miami fans will however point to the Stephen Ross/Jeff Ireland situation in Miami as the reason that Fisher will choose them over us. Forget about the weaker NFC division that he will compete in over the East in Miami.

Has anyone thought that maybe Fisher doesn’t want to live in Miami? It happens. We think of the great weather, the beaches, and all that other stuff that makes Miami a destination spot, but do you think that he really cares about all that? He is a mid-western guy and mid-westerners don’t always want tropics.

Honestly, losing Fisher may be a good thing. Miami Dolphins fans want an exciting offense. Fisher is a power running coach. Fans want winning, Fisher has 6 winning seasons in 17 and one Super Bowl loss. Fisher is not the end all solve all head coach that he is made out to be. He is simply the top guy out there…if you want that kind of system.

Losing Fisher to the Rams could allow Ross to go the coordinator route where a bevy of lesser knowns await their shot. Let’s not forget, Tony Sparano was not a coordinator he was a line coach. A highly regarded line coach but a line coach nonetheless.

For Ross, he may be better served with guys like Joe Phibin from Green Bay who interviewed yesterday and knows what a winning system and an explosive offense can do. Sure there are knocks that he doesn’t call the plays that Mike McCarthy does, same with Pete Carmichael in New Orleans. There is Rob Chudzinski, a Florida man who can call an offense and coach a quarterback. Chud has coached Derek Anderson in his best NFL season, Philllip Rivers, and Cam Newton. He is also a stud TE coach with a history with Kellen Winslow at Miami U.

The point is there are questions with Fisher as well and he doesn’t posess the long term success of say a Marty Schottenheimer who has over .600 winning percenatge and two losing seasons in 21 years as an NFL HC. There is as much downside to Fisher as there is about anyone else. Fisher simply has been there and done that.

I’m not saying that if the Dolphins do land Fisher it’s a bad thing. It’s not. But the mundane archaic offense that we have seen the last fifteen years will likely continue, likely with more success over time but there is no guarantee and frankly, it’s not a bad thing if he goes elsewhere.

We all watched Wayne Huizenga toss money bags at the top guys with offers they wouldn’t refuse. It got them nowhere but into a deeper hole. Ross won’t be outbid for Fisher but Fisher doesn’t come across as a guy motivated as much by money as what he wants and Miami may simply be a destination that he just doesn’t want.