Coach Prospect: Pete Carmichael Jr’s Stock Still Rising


Pete Carmichael Jr. is a young, 40 years old, coach that has worked his way to the top and deserves a shot to be the front man. Carmichael Jr. is the current offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.

Carmichael Jr. coached for some dysfunctional teams before getting to the Saints. He even had the fortune of couching under Mart Schottenheimer at two different teams, at least the second time Carmichael Jr. was there first. It wasn’t until he got with the Saints in 2006 that he got his shot, catching the ride with Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Carmichael Jr. became the Quarterbacks/Passing Game coach of the Saints. He helped Brees get back into rhythm from his surgery and become the Brees we know today. In 2009, he was promoted to offensive coordinator, but in the Sean Payton world that really means you are going to sit back and watch. That is where he has been since, just watching one of the greatest coaches and studying his every move. There was no reason to even consider this guy, due to the absence of his coaching being out in the open, until Oct. 23rd when Sean Payton handed him the keys to the offense.

His first game was against the Colts, so the 62-7 win fell onto deaf ears. The next week, the team lost to the Rams of all teams, so Carmichael Jr.’s stock went down hard. It might have been the throwback jerseys, it could have been Brees was having a bad day, but something wasn’t right with this team. Whatever the case was seemed to wear off as the Saint’s have not lost since, outscoring their opponents 287-150. He keeps his offense moving, no matter how much of a lead they have. He has caused teams to forget the run making other offenses one dimensional. It seems that he was paying attention sitting behind Sean Payton. Drew Brees said that when Carmichael Jr. got control the team just soared. In his first Playoff game in control he made adjustments at half time and in the second half destroyed the Lions defense.

Does this mean he is better than Sean Payton himself?

The only thing I know is that people are paying attention, especially after Cris Collinsworth helped boast his stock by talking about him during a Playoff game.

He has scored exactly 45 points in his last three games. I’ve seen teams get the same points in a game over a three game span, when it was 17 or 24 points, but he has a steady pace of 45, that is unbelievable. The last 3 times the Dolphins scored 45 points was Sept. 8th, 2002 against the Lions, Dec. 12th, 1994 against the Chiefs, and Sept. 21st, 1986 against the Jets (The Jets won 51-45.)

Plus, a little side note, he has a cool NASCAR name.