Its Official: Robert Griffin III Delcares for the NFL Draft


South Florida, keep hope alive.

In what was a seesaw public display of NFL declaration and loyalty to Baylor, 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III has finally decided that he is going pro, pending a formal announcement. Sources report that Griffin III is in the midst of deciding whom he will choose to represent him in his career as an NFL quarterback.

Robert Griffin III going Pro.

So what does this mean to the Dolphins? it means that the chances we saw disappear in the great Matt Barkley out of USC (most likely next years consensus number one) and the lesser revered but similarily physically gifted Landry Jones returning to school to polish their skills and improve their draft stock for 2013 does not mean the Dolphins would have to pay a ransom for the draft rights to Andrew Luck (aka the number pick in this year’s draft) or have to sit and watch the Indianapolis Colts select a fourth possible hall of fame quarterback (Johnny Unitas, John Elway, Peyton Manning are the other three).

Now, rather than watch the highest graded QB to come out of the college ranks go off the board and re-inflate the Dolphins longing for Dan Marino, we can anticipate, hope for, speculate and down right pray for the Dolphins to begin their plan to bring a viable number one quarterback to the Dolphins team, for the first time since the aforementioned Marino retired, in RGIII. He, by the way  is graded just 4 points less than Luck’s 99 at 95. He’s not as far from Luck as some may think.

If Cam Newton is any indication the new breed of mobile quarterback’s is completely its own breed. No Vicks. No Tebows. No Brad Smiths. These boys can throw, read the field and lead a team, now.  Robert Griffin III is the sole reason Baylor saw its first double digit win season and bowl victory in over a decade.

Its obviously not set in stone that Dolphins will end up with Robert Griffin III at the flip pick of 8/9 or that they will have the resources necessary to get a deal done to move up in the draft to select the Heisman Trophy winner. But a quarterback that completes 72% of his passes, has 41 more total touchdowns than picks and owns a Heisman, is a prove leader AND has awesome socks is someone that needs to be considered worthy of, if not a Julio Jones or Ricky Williams draft deal, a long look and attempt at making sure that when May 1st hits, he is wearing Aqua and Coral.