Fisher Keeping Rams/Dolphins On The Hook


Jeff Fisher has yet to announce his intentions to the world of the NFL instead opting to keep the Rams and Miami Dolphins firmly hooked on the line…yes it’s a bad pun…it is however the truth. Over the last two days reports have surfaced that he will let one of those teams off the line.

Some are speculating that perhaps both could be let off the hook and that Fisher may do a 180 and sign elsewhere. In Indianapolis the Colts have hired a new GM and it’s likely they could fire Jim Caldwell soon. Would that open the door?

While that is only speculation, other reports today say that the Rams are moving forward seeking to interview Rob Chudzinski of the Panthers and other are reporting that the Dolphins are finalizing a contract offer for Fisher who is now supposedly leaning towards the Phins.

Adam Schefter also reported earlier that the Phins are the leading choice of Fisher.

For Stephen Ross a signing of Jeff Fisher could begin to sway the public perception of his short two years as owner of the team. Ross wants to win but the earlier escapades of the team regarding celebrity ownership has fallen flat on the fans it was supposed to entertain…primarily because the product on the field was losing.

If anyone wonders if the sideshow distractions of Fergie and the other minority owners would be a turnoff for Jeff Fisher…don’t. I know first hand that Fisher enjoys that atmosphere often participating in celebrity softball tournaments and is a frequenter of Nashville’s biggest party, Fan Fair. In fact my sister met him in one of the party clubs during the event.

While that doesn’t mean anything to the fans, it should be noted only as it would not be a distraction to what he would be hired to do, return the Dolphins to prominence. The real issue for Jeff Fisher, is can he. For the fans of the Miami Dolphins, a simple trip to the playoffs is not enough. A continual competing team yearly is what this team needs.

In other words, 6 winning seasons in 17 years won’t cut it. For the most part, many believe that Fisher would be the big name can’t fail coach, the only coach that Ross can land and that anyone outside of that would be secondary. In reality? That other coach may not be the top choice but that does not mean they would have any less sucess.

Fisher may not bring a solid background in winning but he does bring many positives including the fact that he has been there so there is no learning curve, he is well respected around the NFL, has served on the leagues competition committee, and is well respected by his players. He would take over a talented team in Miami who underachieves.

Yet none of that will equate to guaranteed winning. The Dolphins and the Rams will find out today, if reports are correct, where Jeff Fisher plans to continue his coaching career.