Is Fisher Waiting On Colts?


UPDATE: While this article is nothing more than a questioning opinion to simply open up the topic for debate, one of my sources felt the need to call me to inform me that there is no waiting for the Colts and that Fisher is still talking numbers with Stephen Ross. So please read knowing that this article only speculates on the delay for the sake of killing time while we wait.

The Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams are still waiting for an answer from Jeff Fisher. Will he join the Rams? Will he join the Dolphins? Could this wait have anything to do with the Indianapolis Colts?

The Colts today announced that Ryan Grigson has become the teams new GM and his first order of business will be to decide the fate of HC Jim Caldwell. If Caldwell is released, the Indy job suddenly becomes the hot spot for a top coach. In fact, it’s very likely that Fisher could spurn both the Rams and Dolphins and head north to join Peyton Manning.

Remember, Fisher loves Peyton Manning. Add a possibly healthy QB, the number one overall pick in the draft, and an owner willing to spend money and Fisher would be hard pressed not to wait a few more hours…or days…to see if the job opens up.

The problem of course is that the Rams and Dolphins are in suspended silence…for use of yet another pun, they are the worms on the end of the hook awaiting the bite that will reel in their catch. Damn, Fisher makes it so easy to sling those type of analogies.

So is it unfair? Some would say absolutely. He has interviewed with both teams, wrapping up his Rams visit almost a full six days ago. Both teams have subsequently conducted “fall-back” interviews with secondary choices but neither team has gone full in with those candidates…instead waiting on the decision of their first choice.

For Fisher it’s a matter of making a career choice. He doesn’t owe either team or anyone else an explanation or for that matter an answer. If he knows that he is not going to accept say the Rams job, the proffessional thing would be to let them move on. If he is indeed awaiting the Colts situation to play out, then perhaps he should make that known as well to the party that he is most interested in…might even gain him more money.

My instinct tells me that the situation in Indianapolis is very much an interest to Fisher and that should the team fire Caldwell, FIsher will be jumping at the chance to get there. He has had plenty of time to talk things over with his family and simply needs to come to a decision, if not for his own sake, for the teams that are awaiting his decision…o.k. so that fans can actually put this thing to bed and the rumors can either fire up into some other direction or the coaching search can end.

For now all we can do is wait, just like Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland, and everyone else, but I will say this, if Fisher doesn’t make a decision this afternoon or by midday tomorrow, keep a close eye on what Grigson does with Caldwell. If Caldwell is announced to be staying…my guess is Fisher will make a decision within 24 hours or less.