Head Coaching Candidates … Resumes of Offensive Coordinators

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In my last article, I discussed the need for the Miami Dolphins to focus on candidates with a background in offense for their head coaching vacancy.  The Dolphins have already interviewed Jeff Fisher (former Tennessee Titans Head Coach and Defensive Mind who elected to Coach the Rams), Jeff Toub (Chicago Bears Special Teams Coach), and Mike Zimmer (Cincinnati Bengals and former Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator).  These candidates are not known for their background in offense.

The Dolphins have also interviewed Joe Philbin (Green Bay Packers Offensive Coordinator) and Mike McCoy (Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator).  These two candidates come with a background in offense.  Pete Carmichael (New Orleans Offensive Coordinator) is rumored to be on the list of potential candidates to be interviewed this week.  And, many fans hope that Rob Chudzinski (Carolina Panthers Offensive Coordinator) will also be interviewed.

I wondered … what do the resumes of these four Offensive Coordinators look like?  What have they been doing the last dozen years?  What teams have they worked for?  What coaching experience do they have?  Who have they coached under?  And, how successful were the teams they worked for?

In the next four web pages (just click the page number below), I take a look at the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching Candidates and Resumes of Four Offensive Coordinators.  The hope was to get a better idea of who is the best candidate to be the next Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins.  The order of candidates is based on what I think is highest to lowest, at least on paper.