Miami Dolphins Coaching Search: Running News Updates


This will be our running article on the Miami Dolphins head coaching search with all the latest rumors from Twitter, the local & national media, updates from my sources as well as others.  We will run this up until the time of any official announcement or when it becomes clear one will not be made.

Correction:  Earlier today I said that Sean Smith tweeted “Do your research on McCoy and Del Rio”.  I attributed that to Sean Smith the Dolphins CB however I have been alerted by a follower that Sean Smith did not say that someone else with a close name did.  My apologies to Smith and to anyone else who read what I wrote from him.  Simple mistake…;)

Break:  Time to take a break for the refresh button and pick my son up from school.

Dolphins have still not announced any form of press conference as of 1:30 this afternoon.  Mike McCoy according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post was not seen at any of the airports although he does say he could have missed him.

Did you know:  To further instill excitement and make you want to run out and buy season tickets…Mike McCoy worked under Dan Henning.  Yes, that Dan Henning.

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 QUOTE by McCoy:  Was watching a video of him prior to starting in Denver as the teams OC, towards the end of the video he said “it’s the QB’s football team”. McCoy will need to find a QB in Miami. You can watch the video here.

UPDATE:  Ross is in Miami.  Also, if you still think that Miami is a black eye franchise then consider that we are still getting knocked around by the media over all this HC stuff yet no one really cares what went on with Jacksonville or what is going on with the Buc’s, Raiders, and even to a degree Indy.  Why Miami?  Because it’s still is a top destination.

Update:  Non-HC information.  Jake Long has pulled out of the Pro-Bowl due to injuries…not unexpected, and the Rams and their new HC Jeff Fisher announced today that they will play at minimum 1 home game each year in England…how do you like that Jeffie?

 UPDATE:  Marc Kohn via Twitter is reporting that Ross has not landed in Miami stating his plane is still in the air.

So far this is what we know…updates will appear “above” this line…all are rumors at this point.

Stephen Ross is on a flight to Miami (may have already arrived)

Harvey Greene has not yet announced any requests for media to be at the facility today

Mike McCoy appears to be headed to Miami as well…but this only speculation

National media is predicting that McCoy has been offered the job.