The Smell Of Rotting Fish Coming Out Of Miami


There is a smell that is starting to envelop the area around the Miami Dolphins training complex.  No, it’s not from Stephen Ross or Jeff Ireland, or anyone from the organization.  It’s from the poor guys with the press who have been camping out there over the last few days who likely need a good shower.  Up by the break of dawn and still out there in the Miami weather…waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.

Honestly, I have no idea who or how many media representatives are hanging out in Davie, I know that Omar Kelly said he needs a nap and has been awake since 4:00 am waiting and I know that Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post has been traversing the cities airports trying to spot Mike McCoy.  Every night Miami Dolphins fans go to bed with the subject titles on articles around the Internet saying “Dolphins Coaching Decision Due Tomorrow”.  They wake up and they wait.  And wait, and the wait some more.  Going to bed once again…waiting.

As of today, right now, Denver OC Mike McCoy is the front runner.  Tomorrow, it could be Todd Bowles.  Sunday?  Maybe Joe Philbin.  Maybe there is someone else on their radar that we don’t know about yet.  Someone they interviewed over the phone or at an airport or who knows, Jimmy Johnson’s house in Islamarada.  Reality?  While we don’t know the candidates name, the team is likely talking contract details.  Of course that is simply opinion.

Right now only a handful of people know what is going on and I for one applaud the team for actually being able to keep this so quiet.  The local media are at a loss, sorry guys, the national media are speculating, and those of us who cover the team for fan sites suddenly have no clue as to what we should think.  If I were a betting man, I would say McCoy is the guy and that we will know sometime within the next two months.  I know, but honestly, we will.

There is a lot of people making digs at the Dolphins right now.  Some justified many not.  The truth is and the reality is, the Dolphins do not owe anyone an explanation for how they conduct their search or when they name a head coach.  They are not on our timetable, they are on their timetable.  Media, and yes myself included, have taken plenty of opportunity to pass along “rumors” about what we hear is going on.  Some of us have been right, some of us will be right, and some of us (maybe all of us) will be wrong.

The point is right now we are all children who have no patience.  We all need to take a step back and let this process work itself out.  I would rather the team take their time and make a solid decision than simply make one to quiet everyone else.