Quite the Package!!! Joe Philbin is on board, does Matt Flynn and more come with that?


Alright lets get the numbers out of the way already:

– 4 years as Offensive Coordinator for Green Bay Packers

– 2007-2010 team scored more points than any point in Green Bay history over four year span (1,703)

– 83 giveways in 4 years ranks 1st in NFC and 2nd overall over that span

– 08-09 was the first time in history an offense had back to back years with a 4000 yard passer, 1200 yard rusher and 1,000 yard receivier

– 27 years coaching experience (19 college, 8 professional)

So, what can we learn about Joe Philbin from what the numbers say?

He knows how to score, how to get an offense turn in the right direction fast and how to get the most out of almost every player on offense. Talent maximization? Check.

He can develop a quarterback and a system that quarterback’s can flourish in. Check?

With a healthy and able running back the running game will not be neglected but improved within his offense.Check?

Do we have the numbers and derivatives covered?

Ok good.

They are sexy. They make owners and fans drool. They express, experience, accomplishment and give forecasters and prognosticators what they need to do their jobs with some semblance of respectability and accuracy. But they don’t always tell the whole story. Especially with coaches. There is Marty Schottenheimer, who has great stats but his endless clash with ownership and management made him a black sheep of coaches. Their is Dick Lebeau, leader of a Steelers defense that hasn’t ranked outside of the top 5 in defense in over a decade, but his history as head coach tell us that he is best suited with a clipboard and thats about it. But from what we have read about Philbin in what seemed to be an open door to who he was after the tragedy he and his family have gone through, its apparent, that his amazing mind did more than just draft an offense that could work and make a quarterback’s life better, but he knew what it took to make his players believe. He knew what it took to make his players feel the urgency in being great and be a great friend to them all at the same time. Not many men can do that.

Mike McCarthy is credited for calling the plays for the Packers offense. But who does Rodgers credit for his rise to fame? Philbin. Greg Jennings knows that , Philbin was perceived as a clipboard guy but he knew better. Than Philbin could lead a practice, a meeting a it down or a phone call and keep his audience captivated and focused on the message given. The Packers offense knows what its  losing, and the Dolphins know, from the looks of it what there getting, but is there more?

According to everybody that’s anybody or nobody for that matter, thinks that Philbins hire in South Beach will lead highly sought back up to Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, a restricted free agent this  spring. If anyone saw the last game of the Packers regular season, or the Patriots game from last season, I am sure that the Dolphins fan among them are salivating and nipping at the bit to get the LSU product out of Green and Yellow and into that Agua and Coral. It would definitely be an amazing coup, better than the 7 million dollar a year deal that would have been given to Jeff Fisher had he chosen the warm climate of South Florida over the fast turf on earth in St. Louis.

With former interim head coach and Defensive Backs Coach Todd Bowles showing more interest in a head coaching position, most notably in Oakland and not in return to the Phins, the opportunity for a Philbin to bring home Winston Moss, a former standout for the Miami Hurricanes and a major player in the Packers super bowl run last season. With his knowledge of the position, time to learn from Dom Capers and a return to familiar Miami, the possibilities of Moss coaching the Defense seems more like a certainty than anything else.

What this means for the Dolphins is that for once, at least on paper, Steven Ross’ inability to close the deal on a big price tag coach may have actually played in favor by netting at the very least an attractive destination for the most sought after quarterback on the market since Drew Brees in 2006 and a one time head coach option in Winston Moss.

Even if Philbin’s arrival in Miami doesn’t sway the minds of the aforementioned individuals, Philbin’s presence and history of success with collegiate athletes, breaking Ivy offensive records at Harvard and producing NFL caliber lineman at Iowa, bode’s well for the Dolphins chances of moving up in the coming draft to selecta quarterback to man Philbin’s quarterback friendly office for years to come.

Signing Flynn would make the most sense. It would immediately strengthen and legitimize a Dolphins QB stable that hasn’t’ had a stud his Dan Marino left to pasture. But it would also give Joe Philbin a quarterback that he would not have to begin grooming over from the beginning but someone who he has had plenty of time it mold and educate in his offense. The effect it would have on the offense would be no different thant what Matt Schuab now means to the Texans. But more importantly, the Dolphins would not have to mortgage half the farm to move up in the draft to take one of the two available in the drafts top 6 spots. It would leave theme with the number 8 or 9 spot, from which they can further fortify a strong offensive line or give Philbin another weapon on offense (Justin Blackmon?) to put into an offense ripe for big receivers like Blackmon and Brandon Marshall to pick from. With a true quarterback the rushing offense could bare less weight but bare more fruit and help to increase a balance on offense that will be created by Philbins offensive scheme.

These are only guesses, the possibilities are endless, and the results as well. We do not yet know what we will get from this union if anything at all but it is a start and step in the right direction. With a real leader and a real offense, no matter what the outcome of the personnel is, I am sure we will all be able to look forward to celebrating touchdowns next year the way Tony Sparano celebrated field goals last year.