Ok, I made you look.  Of course, there are no legitimate reports surfacing about the possibility of the Ok, I made you look.  Of course, there are no legitimate reports surfacing about the possibility of the

Ryan Grant A Dolphin?


Ok, I made you look.  Of course, there are no legitimate reports surfacing about the possibility of the Dolphins acquiring Green Bay’s RB, Ryan Grant.  So there’s no need to check the “tweets” of Chris Mortensen or Adam Schefter to validate this claim.  However, “tis” is the season for speculation, so get use to it.  I do realize the sky is the limit right now on what will occur in the draft and free agency, and who could be a Dolphin in 2012.  However, in my opinion, there is a really good chance Grant will be in Miami next year.  But before I dive in, I want to make it clear that I am not a secret fan of Grant nor am I trying to promote the possibility of this acquisition.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason for this allegation:  Joe Philbin coached him for five years as his Offensive Coordinator in Green Bay!  Just like when Sparano, Parcells, and Ireland brought in a bunch of Dallas Cowboys’ personnel, we can expect some of the same with Philbin.  It will not be anywhere near the extent as what the Trifecta did, but Philbin will bring in a few of “his guys.”  He knows what Grant can do and understands his capabilities.  It’s only natural for Philbin to favor a guy like Grant who knows how to play and operate in his offensive system.

With 63 regular season games under his belt, Grant has displayed streaks of greatness rushing AND receiving.  He has generated 4.3 yards per carry with 25 touchdowns in his career.  He also has 92 receptions averaging a solid 7.9 yards per catch.  Grant is a dynamic back with successful experience as a “down-field” runner.  By no means am I saying Grant is an elite player, but he is a descent, complimentary and play-making back that could add some must needed depth to the Dolphins’ roster. 

Even though Reggie Bush had an outstanding season, he still couldn’t stay healthy for an entire year.  This season, he came close but got injured in week 16 causing him to miss the final game against our biggest rival, the New York Jets.  Let’s face it, Bush doesn’t exactly have a great track record for staying healthy.  Outside of his rookie year in 2006, he has yet to stay healthy for a complete 16 game season.

What if the Dolphins were competing for a final playoff spot in week 17?  What if they did make the playoffs?  What if Miami had to go on the road playing in inclement weather in January where it’s vital to have a balanced running game?  Are you convinced that the combination of Daniel Thomas, Lex Hilliard, and Steve Slaton could handle that demanding load?  Your answer should be the same as Philbin’s…No!

I personally believe we have seen the last of Hilliard and Slaton.  If you can all take your Miami “homer” caps off for just one second, you should quickly realize that these guys are not major contributors.  Will the Dolphins be in bad shape if they let these guys go?  Of course not!  So don’t waste your breath arguing the need to keep them.  And please, let’s not all put Daniel Thomas in the Dolphins’ Ring of Honor just yet.  He definitely started off the season much stronger than the way he finished it.

I do realize that in the grand scheme of things upgrading the Dolphins’ RB depth chart is very low on the priority list, but it is one that Philbin and Ireland will look to address.  The only factor that would stop this acquisition from occurring is obviously the money.  But if the price is right and the Dolphins’ and Grant can come to terms on a low contract agreement, he will be reunited with his old coordinator here in Miami.  The question is, will Matt Flynn be handing him the ball?