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Marshall Artist: Brandon Explodes For Pro-Bowl MVP


Call him the “Beast”, call him crazy, call him anything you want, today…you can call him MVP.  Pro-Bowl MVP.  Brandon Marshall took control of the Pro-Bowl last night and delivered with 176 yards and four touchdowns.  One in every quarter.  His final two came on the arm of rookie QB Andy Dalton in the third and fourth quarters.

Marshall opened his scoring with a 73 yard reception from Ben Roethlesberger.  His six catches led the AFC team to a 59-41 victory in what is the second highest combined scoring in the history of the Pro-Bowl.  Marshall, will have his name now flown on a banner atop the Hawaiian stadium along side names like Payton and Rice and all the other Pro-Bowl MVP’s.

While many in the NFL play in the game for the vacation, few take the game seriously.  Over the years the interest has waned considerably and the schedule move to a week before the Super Bowl instead of the week after, leaves many players off the rosters.  This year, the NY Giants and NE Patriots who play in next weeks Super Bowl, had no reps at the game.

For Marshall however, this was a something he wanted.  And it showed.

"“You know what? I wanted it,” he said. “It’s a Pro Bowl. Some guys are playing 100 (percent), some guys are playing 90, some guys aren’t playing at all, but it means a lot to be up in the rafters with some of these guys.”"

Of course it wouldn’t be Marshall without at least one comment that is questionable.

"“It says a lot when you’re playing with these type of quarterbacks,” Marshall said. “They just put it in the right place and I just made the play. Hats off to those guys throwing me the ball.”"

While the above comment isn’t likely intended to be a dig at Matt Moore (although we do know his opinion of Chad Henne) the comments further bring to light the deficient QB situation with the Miami Dolphins and the lust for a franchise QB is not just with the fans but the players as well.  Marshall’s haul of four TD’s last night was two shy of the total TD receptions he had all season.