Should The Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall?

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Brandon Marshall … You just had 176 receiving yards and a record four TDs in the NFL Pro Bowl.  You won the MVP Award.  What do you plan do to next? … Well, I think I’ll open my mouth and stick my foot in it!  Again!

Yes, Brandon Marshall has done it again.  He’s become the center of another controversy for comments which have put the Dolphins Organization in a bad light.  Should this be the last straw for the Dolphins controversial superstar receiver?  Should the Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall?

Just in case you may have missed the game, Marshall said about his Pro Bowl MVP performance: “It says a lot when you’re playing with those type of [Pro Bowl] quarterbacks.  They just put it in the right place.  You have these elite quarterbacks, and they put it in the right spot to make it easy for me.  It’s all [about] the quarterbacks.

I guess Marshall does not think very much of Miami QB Matt Moore.  I guess he does not think very much of the Dolphins Organization for not acquiring an “elite” NFL QB.

I think Brandon Marshall just does not seem to get it.  His comments were a public stab in the back of all the Dolphins’ QBs during his tenure who, in his mind, were incapable of adequately getting him the ball to allow him to perform at his peak.  His comments were a very public slap in the face of the Dolphins’ Organization who, in his mind, were inept at acquiring a QB to allow him to pad his statistics.  What in the heck was he thinking when he opened his mouth?  Was he so stupid to think that by making these statements on national TV, the Dolphins Management would get off their lazy butts and get him an “elite” QB who would make catching passes easy for him?

However, here’s where the interesting part comes into play.  Are Marshall’s statements even true?