Should The Dolphins Trade Brandon Marshall?

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First, Brandon Marshall was selected to play in the Pro Bowl.  So, the Dolphins’ organization and their QBs must have been doing something right in order for Marshall to even get a ticket to play in the game so that he could win the MVP.  I think Marshall needs to work a little bit on his gratitude.

Second, Brandon Marshall had 81 receptions for 1,214 yards and 6 TDs in 2011.  He also had a league leading 14 dropped passes, 5 of which would have been TDs.  So, let’s see.  If Marshall would have caught these 14 passes, he would have had 95 receptions, 11 TDs, and a lot more yards.  The 11 TDs would have been the most in his career and the additional yards likely would also have been the most in his career.  Marshall should remember that as he pointed his finger at the Dolphins QBs, three fingers were pointing back at him and one was pointing up a God.  I think should be a lot more humble.

Third, Brandon Marshall had Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, and Andy Dalton throwing passes to him in the Pro Bowl.  In the 2011 regular season, they were ranked 10th, 11th, and 20th in QB rating, respectively.  Matt Moore was ranked 12th.  And, if Marshall would have caught those 14 dropped passes for 5 more TDs, Moore would have been ranked 9th — ahead of all three AFC Pro Bowl QBs.  I think Marshall needs to be a lot more respectful to his teammates and their performance.

Bottomline, Marshall will never learn to just keep his big mouth shut.  And, this is a real problem.  It’s not only embarrassing to the Dolphins Organization, it is disruptive to the Miami Dolphins team.

When Joe Philbin was introduced as the new Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, I remember him saying he was looking for players of high character and intelligence.  And, he was looking for players that valued team statistics, instead of individual statistics.  Well, this is not Brandon Marshall.  I would not consider him to have high character — he lacks gratitude, humility, and respect.  He places a lot of emphasis on HIS statistics.  And, his intelligence … well … I’ll let you assess that.  If Philbin is true to his words, then Brandon Marshall needs to go.  I think the Dolphins need to get rid of him — his mouth, disruptions, and all — just like they got rid of Channing Crowder.

And, getting rid of Brandon Marshall is not like dumping a house on the Miami market.  Marshall does have significant value on the NFL market.  Jay Cutler is crying for him in Chicago — the Bears hold the 18th pick in the upcoming draft — wouldn’t having that pick be nice.  Sam Bradford needs a #1 receiver in St. Louis — the Rams hold the 2nd pick in the upcoming draft — combining Marshall, Miami’s 8th pick, plus Miami’s second round pick could result in Miami getting RGB3.  I have an idea, trade Marshall to the Bears for the 18th pick, then combine Miami’s 8th pick with the just acquired 18th pick plus Miami’s second round pick, and then select RGB3 and everyone is happy.  I think Jeff Ireland should go to work and get something of serious value for sending Marshall and his big mouth packing — I’ll bet someone will be willing to put up with him.  Plus, the Dolphins could add some serious cap space for the free agent market.

And, for all those who were crying for a superstar receiver when the Dolphins acquired Brandon Marshall and would hate to see him go, please keep in mind the kind of offensive scheme which comes with Joe Philbin.  The Green Bay Packers were ranked 3rd in the NFL in passing yards along with being ranked 1st in passing TDs and 4th in number of receptions.  Yet, their top 5 receivers had 68, 67, 55, 38, and 37 receptions.  There is no real #1 receiver who catches 100 passes per season in the Packers style of offense.  The idea is to spread the ball around such that the defense can’t key on any one receiver.  If you think Brandon Marshall is complaining now with the number of passes he gets thrown his way, what do you think he’ll have to say when he only catches 70 balls?

So, what do you think?  Is it time for the Dolphins to part ways with Brandon Marshall?

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