Bill Parcells Is Not A Hall Of Fame Coach


In the NFL, it’s all about what you bring to the table.  Every day, every year, over and over again.  It’s what separates the great from the good and the average from the bad.  Last night, the NFL held it’s first ever awards show on NBC.  I missed it.  That is what happens when you spend the day running around town with the wife.   Distraction.  I kid of course, about the wife comment, not about missing the awards show.

Judging by the highlights I have watched (Katherine McPhee over and over again) the awards show appeared to have kicked off it’s innagural effort successfully.  With Terrell Suggs winning the AP Defensive MVP award and Peyton Manning crowning Aaron Rodgers for his first League MVP, it appears as though the NFL once again has turned it’s brand into must see television.  Proving once again that the NFL is America’s real sport.

What other league can boast their draft as one of the most viewed television events?  Or the fact their playoff games often have more viewers than the World Series?  Also lost on the this years editor…me…was the fact that yesterday, in addition to the NFL Awards show, the NFL announced it’s 2012 Hall of Fame class.  Tackle Willie Roaf, RB Curtis Martin, Chris Doleman, Cortez Kennedy, Dermontti Dawson, and senior selection Jack Butler will represent the class at inductions on Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Oh.

Absent from the list?  WR Chris Carter (still can’t figure out why Carter is not in the “Hall” and Michael Irvin is but oh well…I throw this up every season about Irvin for one of my Dallas Cowboy friends who frequents our site), Jerome Bettis, and former coach Bill Parcells.

Now, I really don’t have a problem with Bettis or Carter being left off the HOF list this year.  Eventually they will likely get in deserving or not, but in the case of Bill Parcells let’s just call it “sour grapes”.  In other words, I’m really glad he didn’t make this years group.

Parcells is the man I still blame for the mess that is the Miami Dolphins.  His self-serving ego was paramount to adding failure to an already floundering franchise.  His inability to find fresh groceries to use one of his terms, did nothing in revitalizing the team that he was tasked with building, let alone the fact that he walked away from the job before it was completed…in fact he walked away from the job two weeks before the 2010 season started.  Nice.

Perhaps if Bill Parcells had put forth the effort to actually make Miami a competitive team that was once again relevant, he would have made the list last night instead, his short two and a half seasons with Miami may actually have kept him off that list.  He will get in someday, but not this year.  I take a little comfort in knowing that the misery he cost the Dolphins fans the last four years, may have kept him out…but yes, I’m just being self serving myself right now.

Still, congratulations to the six men who will stand at the podium in August and try very hard not to cry in front of the thousands in attendance, even Curtis Martin.