NBC Belittles The NFL


While the idea of having an awards show the day before the Super Bowl is a great idea. Watching every long minute of that hour long broadcast was not so great. NBC is a celebrity filled group of people that cater to their own.

The celebrities were mixed into the crowd of all the greatest players of all time. Alec Baldwin was the host of the show and made everyone uncomfortable. This kind of show might work for the Oscars or the People’s Choice Awards, but this isn’t a bunch of celebrities looking for the spotlight, these are NFL players that have the highest respect for one another. Now don’t get me wrong, some of it was funny and was entertaining, but most of it was “offensive” and rude. The first one that came to mind was when Alec Baldwin compared Clay Mathews to Madonna; I thought it was funny until you saw the look on Clay Matthews face. That was when I realized NBC has no idea what they are doing. During the entire show Alec Baldwin kept mispronouncing superstars names, on purpose, but it didn’t come off funny, it came off arrogant. To the football fans and the players, Calvin Johnson is a bigger name then Johnny Depp. This show belittled the NFL and the players as if celebrities were better than them. Football fans don’t care what scandal, or who is dating who in celebrities little circle, that is one thing that separates the two cultures.

Instead of having what the media thinks are big names in their world, they need to look at whom football fans thinks are big in their world. If Aaron Rodgers would have made the joke of Clay Matthews looking like Madonna, it would have been hilarious, even clay would have thought so. Having some of the Hall of Famers mispronounce Calvin Johnsons name would have been funny, but it’s because in the NFL world, they earned the right to make fun of the players today.

This is where NBC went wrong. Older celebrities like Alec Baldwin can make fun of the newer celebrities coming into Hollywood, because they earned that right. It doesn’t work in the NFL world. Could you imagine if Drew Brees hosted the Oscars and ripped on Matt Damon and Taylor Swift? That would be dreadful and the media would say how offensive it was. That is why the NFL and Hollywood should never cross into each other, and as a football fan I hope they learn their lesson and never do it again.

Like I said before, I love the idea of the award show. I think NFL Hall of Fame players, NFL players, NFL Coaches, or even announcers should host it. I would also like to see them move it until after the Super Bowl for two reasons, to honor the Super Bowl winning team and everyone wouldn’t act like they were a bunch of losers. Showing a clip at the end of the show of how the team got to the Super Bowl and won it, then have them come out with the Lombardi Trophy would be a great way to end the season.