Super Bowl Or Super Commercials?


Surrounding the game of course is the slew of Super Bowl commercials that will debut tonight.  Run a Google search and you can get and early view of them.  I personally would rather watch them during the game.  I think the Super Bowl is the one event in television that DVR’s are used primarily to watch the commercials so you don’t miss the game.  Over the years, some products have found their ads failing to elicit even the slightest of grins while others can still have you on the floor laughing or have you “Tweeting” ROTFLMAO!

Behind every commercial is some dude or dudette who thought the ad was catchy enough to make an impact on the viewer and propel that person to run out and buy the product they are hawking.  How often do you feel compelled to run out and buy a Pepsi?  A Coke?  A new BMW?  Yeah me too.  Still the ads are supposed to be good fun and some hit and others miss.  They all however have one thing in common, they are ridiculously expensive to have air.  Which is why you will not see a Super Bowl ad.

With all that being said, the NFL takes it’s Super Hyped game very seriously and they take what is shown during those commercials very seriously.  Some products will pour a ton of money into making an ad that doesn’t get past the NFL sensors.  For a look at 11 commercials that did not make the NFL grade, click here.

Tomorrow you will read as much about the commercials from tonight’s game as you will about the game itself.  You will also know more about the top ten list and the bottom ten list as you will hear about the Super Bowl MVP.  The NFL has become a marketing genius.  They have a top rated LIVE draft that expanded to three days last year and into prime time on Thursday and Friday nights…and lost nothing in viewership.  They had their first NFL awards show last night that many claim was a success, and their Super Bowl is the largest watched event on television in the WORLD.

Which is why it costs so much for those commercials.  Enjoy the game tonight…and enjoy the commercials as well.