New England Patriots Finding No Peace Following Loss


The Super Bowl is over.  The Patriots lost.  Each year one team loses and the other gets a ticker tape parade, really cool winners rings and a trophy to put in their training facility.  The loser?  They get losers rings and try and find a place to lick their wounds.  I won’t pretend to know how losing the Super Bowl feels because I never played in one.  I can only imagine that it clearly sucks.

With the loss, the Patriots under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady move to a record of 3 wins and 2 losses.  Something that most teams would revel in.  Like everything else, it’s what you do now, not then that matters the most.  A week ago, the Patriots were the talk of the NFL.  Favorites to win their fourth Lombardi Trophy.  A game for Brady to shine.  In most years, the loser of the big game shrinks away into the quiet off-season, prepping for what they hope will be another run next season.

So why is that this year, the New England Patriots can’t seem to go anywhere to get a little peace.

For the record, I am not saying that the team themselves are crying to the public.  Quite the opposite.  They are not talking but there still is so much coming from Boston these days.

It started before the team made it fully to the locker room.  Tom Brady’s model wife Gisele Bundchen was quoted swearing about her husbands teammates.  Specifically regarding the fact that none of them could “Effing” catch.  “Tom can’t throw the ball and then catch the ball himself” she was heard saying.  Do you think she was a little miffed?

Brady was already being chastised to some degree by opposing fans of the Patriots after his wife sent out the emotional Email about praying for her husbands team, all in good fun came the ribbing but Gisele certainly has not kept a low profile the last few weeks.  Then there is Wes Welker.

Hey we all like Welker in Miami.  He was the little guy that could down here and got traded to the team no one wanted him to go to.  He has only been spectacular since he was shipped out.  Still, the one catch he doesn’t make is still being shown on ESPN and NFL Network.  Fine, he is a pro, he will get over it.  Well, fans and non-fans are not ready to do that quite yet.  Local reporters blasted Welker for his drops, and a company called sent Boston 8,000 Butterfinger candy bars in a salute to Welker’s drop.

Some of his teammates have come out to defend him and of course Welker as he always does is taking the high road and blaming himself…even though the pass was off target.

Following the game, Chad Ochocinco who made one catch during the game and has been a non-factor all season received a misdemeanor charge in Ohio for not having a valid drivers license mere hours after the game had ended.

Today, the fuel on the New England fire continued.  A “Youtube” video has surfaced of a dancing Rob Gronkowski.  You can view the video by going to our “HUB” on the main page.

The video shows a wildly dancing man presumably the Patriots TE.  The question here however is not whether he can dance but how he can dance with a high-ankle sprain.  A sprain that had him miss most of the Super Bowl?

Gronkowski set records this year for TD’s and catches for a TE but missed most of the practices leading up the game on Sunday.  He was seen with a heavily bandaged ankle and his play on the field indicated that he was nowhere close to 100 percent.  In fact, his play suffered so much that he was unable to stay on the field for much of the second half and fellow TE Aaron Hernandez took most of the targets.  Gronkowski finished the game with 2 catches for 26 yards.

Despite his lack of play on the field Sunday, he was the one player in position on the final play that could have won the game for the Patriots.

As I stated earlier, I do not know that emotion that comes from losing something that big so I won’t question the fact that Gronk and offensive lineman Matt Light were at a nightclub partying it up after a Super Bowl loss.  To each his own.  I do however question the appearance of Gronkowski displaying no apparent ill effects of an ankle injury hours after a game when an ankle injury was clearly an issue.

Of course, I will also say that I have never suffered a high-ankle sprain either so maybe some tape and jogging for a few hours will loosen it up so you can dance.

Perhaps maybe some of that love loss being tossed to Wes Welker would be better served somewhere else.  Overall, it’s the Patriots so I really don’t have a problem with all the negatives being tossed their way.  Like those comments all game long that reminded all of those Patriot fans watching from home who David Tyree was and what he managed to accomplish.

Now, for those of you fans out there who will simply say I am being sour or jealous know this.  I am simply being a fan of the Miami Dolphins who is enjoying a little bad mojo being tossed up north.