Manning Vs. Flynn: Legend


We can talk all day about who the better Quarterback is, Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn. My answer is Peyton Manning. I always thought Payton was the best QB to ever play the game (even over Marino). Just like Marino, Peyton turned no name players into superstars; does anyone know who Jacob Tammyis? There has never been a player that can control his team and know the fundamentals like Peyton. Even Dan Marino has said Peyton is better than himself, this coming from one of the most cocky players to ever play the game. I believe Peyton Manning could win the Dolphins a Super Bowl in his 3-4 years with the team.

Matt Flynn on the other hand, has the making of a great QB and if we get him, it will be because Joe Philbin knows that exact same thing. I have been hearing the comparisons out there. I think that the comparison that hasn’t been made is the most accurate; Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn = Joe Montana and Steve Young. This is not a QB that looks good the way Andy Reid makes QB’s look good, this is a player. These two look like what the 49ers would have looked like if Montana and Young were both young (age not player). I believe Matt Flynn could win the Dolphins a Super Bowl in the next 3-4 years.

This is where the biggest issue that has been over-looked comes in; even if Manning wins two Super Bowls with the Dolphins, he will always be a Colt. He will go into the Hall of Fame as a Colt and he will always be remembered as a Colt. Do you have any idea how many people don’t know Montana ever played for the Chiefs? You don’t see Montana jerseys flying off shelves for the Chiefs, but you still see Montana Jerseys for the 49ers being bought. Years from now the Farve Jerseys from the Vikings will not exist. The next generation will not know Brett Farve ever played for the Vikings. I do not want the next generation not knowing a Hall of Fame player played as a Dolphin. I see people that have never seen Cunningham, Montana, Flute, Moon, Sanders, Brown, Payton, Elway, Dickerson, Greise, or Marino play a game, but own their jerseys. These jerseys will sell forever.

Sure Payton Manning is amazing, but only Matt Flynn can be a Dolphin Legend.