Packers Re-Sign Finley Could Tag Flynn


The Green Bay Packers announced yesterday, yes I’m a little late to this party, that TE Jermichael Finley has signed a two year deal to stay with the Packers.  His deal will pay him 15 million over that span.  The contract also frees up the possibility of GM Ted Thompson to stick the franchise tag on Matt Flynn.  Which is the reason for this article.

If the Packers opted to hit Flynn with the tag, they would guarantee him 14 million dollars for next season.  They would then try and trade the QB and he would have to re-negotiate his contract or a team would have to be willing to pick up the one year tab and work on a longer deal.  The issue here is how many teams actually have a viable interest in the Green Bay back-up?  Is there enough to warrant a 2nd or 3rd round pick as compensation to GB in exchange for not having to out negotiate another team financially?

The Dolphins obviously are one of those teams that will likely have some degree of interest in the QB, in fact, they are likely to be either all in or all out.  The tagging of Flynn would put pressure on Miami from the start as they would not only pay Flynn starting QB money but also have to deal picks to GB as well.  On almost every front, from newspaper website comments to fan site forums to the media themselves, there is a lot of disagreement on whether or not Flynn is the right man for the job.  Regardless of what Joe Philbin has to say about him.

If the Pack do tag Flynn, it’s obvious the divide in opinions will only further grow and some on the Pro-Flynn side may very well jump ship.  The Dolphins now will have to weigh the actions of the Packers who have until March 5th to apply the tag.  Make no mistake, the Packers do not want Matt Flynn on their roster considering the salary demands he will likely have.  It’s a risky move by Thompson to find himself sitting with a 14 million dollar tag.

If Matt Flynn refuses to sign the franchise tender, the Packers will be able to remove the tab and cut him loose if the market is lukewarm.  If Flynn signs the deal, my bet would be immediately, the 14 million becomes fully guaranteed and they Packers would have to trade the QB or find themselves with salary cap issues.

With Seattle, Washington, Cleveland, Denver, and Miami all searching in some degree or another, it’s likely that the Packers could find a trade suitor and even more likely that several teams could get into a bidding war which could make the trade more lopsided.  Teams could also get creative with a trade as well.  For example, a team like the Redskins could offer their number 7 overall pick in this years draft for Green Bay’s first this year, first next year, and Matt Flynn.  Or a combination of picks from Green Bay allowing the Packers to move up in the draft.  While that scenario is far less likely, it’s always an option.  Would you entertain a 20 spot drop for an extra first round pick and Matt Flynn if not more?

The point is that the Packers are a well managed football team and it’s very unlikely that Thompson won’t at least try to get something for their departing former 7th rounder.  The question is who looks at Flynn and his thin resume and feel that a second round pick is worth it?  I for one am a Matt Flynn supporter but I wouldn’t trade anything above round 4 to get him unless I was moving up or down with Green Bay’s draft order…and then maybe.