I am not a fan of the NFL Combine. I think it is overhyped, and the experts make way too big of a deal over ..."/> I am not a fan of the NFL Combine. I think it is overhyped, and the experts make way too big of a deal over ..."/>

The Price is Right for RGIII


I am not a fan of the NFL Combine. I think it is overhyped, and the experts make way too big of a deal over a guy if he can run a tenth or two tenths better than another guy in a 40 yard dash with no pads. That does not translate well into NFL success, as the late Al Davis proved time and time again. So I am not writing this on the basis of Robert Griffin III’s 4.3 40 time. I am not writing this because of his great interview skills or the fact that he is “charming.” I am writing this because, since the beginning of the college football season, I have been watching RGIII anytime he puts on that Baylor uniform and I have developed slightly more than a man crush on him.

It has been reported that the Rams will almost definitely trade the #2 pick and Washington, Seattle and Miami are all interested. Washington, by far has the biggest need for RGIII, as their quarterback situation last season consisted of throwaways Rex Grossman and John Beck. There have been reports that Washington has also taken a keen interest in Peyton Manning, who I’m sure would love to get the opportunity to play in the same divison as his brother.

Right now, it looks like the price to move to #2 will be steep. A 1st and 2nd this year, and a 1st and 2nd or 3rd in 2013. Steep, I know. It is worth it. At least to Miami, it is worth it. Let me explain.

Running quarterbacks scare the @%#$ out of people and I understand why. But RGIII is not a running quarterback. Anybody who says he is, is somebody who has not watched any film of him and is ignorant. This is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in all of college football, evidenced by his 72.4 completion percentage in 2011 (which was actually higher than Andrew Luck’s 2011 campaign). He can throw it on the run. He can throw in the pocket. Oh, and he can also take off and run when the situation calls for it. 699 yards and 10 TD’s in 2011? Yup.

But the bottom line is, RGIII by himself is worth more to the Dolphins and the fanbase right now than the other four picks combined would be. I love Matt Flynn. I *used to* love Manning. Neither of them are going to reignite the fans in Miami like RGIII would. Look at what Cam Newton did for Carolina last season. Yes, they didn’t make the playoffs, and I’m not saying if RGIII comes along, the Dolphins would be in the playoffs next year. But that fanbase has something to look forward to, for the next ten years at least. Fans in Carolina are excited for next season to begin. For the first time in several years, Carolina fans do not need to go into the draft focusing on who to draft at quarterback. They can focus on rebuilding a horrible defense. Imagine the same situation in Miami, except that we actually have a defense!

The picks that we could end up losing; would they really be all that significant? I submit for your consideration, this:

Pat White, Philip Merling, Chad Henne, Ted Ginn Jr., John Beck, Samson Satele, Jason Allen, Matt Roth, Vernon Carey, Eddie Moore, Taylor Whitley, Derek Hagan, Patrick Turner, Jamar Fletcher

All of them are either 1st, 2nd or 3rd round selections of the Dolphins within the past ten years. There are some decent players in there, but are any of them franchise changing names? No. I don’t remember drafting Vernon Carey and thinking it was the beginning of a new era for the Dolphins.

So what are the Dolphins really losing if they give up the picks? The chance to draft more role players that can be part of mediorce, constantly underpeforming team for the next decade? RGIII is the type of mobile, explosive player that doesn’t come around all that often. The Phins are in a spot where the team isn’t all that bad. They have plenty of pieces in place and as we saw during the end of last season, they can beat good teams. They need a franchise quarterback. I like Matt Flynn and wouldn’t be completely upset if they ended up with him, but RGIII IS a franchise quarterback. With the rookie salary cap in place, using the #2 selection on a quarterback is not nearly the investment it was when JaMarcus Russell was drafted.

There is no downside here. Get the fans excited! Get them back in the seats and give them somebody to cheer for! The Dolphins should give the Rams whatever they are asking for to move up to #2 and select RGIII. Then sit back, and watch him destroy NFL defenses for the next ten years.