Everyone is talking about bringing Peyton Manning ..."/> Everyone is talking about bringing Peyton Manning ..."/>

What Peyton Would Mean To Our Defense


What Peyton would mean to our Defense

Everyone is talking about bringing Peyton Manning talents to South Beach. And truth be told it might happen.  Speculation is running around the NFL.  Right now this is the men’s version of day time soap opera.  This is a close as we get to understanding why women love their soap operas…truth be told we are doing the exact same thing they are.  Anticipating, speculating even talking behind a few peoples back to see if we can get our message across.

The message is simple; we want Peyton Manning in Miami.  Like most fans everyone is thinking about our scoreboard lighting up each and every time Peyton steps on the field.  We could possibly have one of the most exciting offences since Marino blessed us with his presence.  But has anyone thought what the impact Peyton would have on the opposite side of the ball?

The best Defense is the one that plays for the shortest amount of time. 

This can be stressed for all position, but the most important aspect would be the secondary.  When you have a QB like Peyton, you automatically think that your team is going to score points. This will not be a grind it out battle that we have seen with Jay Fielder, Gus Frerotte, Duante Cullpepper, (the list goes on but I am sure you get my point) we know that our starting offence will be producing points, therefore the sense that our D will need to keep it close to win this game isn’t a factor.

Don’t get me wrong, our Defense should still have that killer instinct, but knowing that you have an offence on the field that will not be going out there and doing a 3 and out and allowing you time to rest is the best thing you can ask for.  As a former player I can’t stress how important it is to get your wind back after a long exhausting drive by the opposition.  You are basically hoping that our offence will go down there and produce a 17 play 10 minute drive, but are fooled to think it will happen.  With Peyton Manning on the field we are allowing our best asset more time to get rest, review, and get back on the field.

Our team strength last year was our Defense.  Even with the expected loss of Paul Solia and Kendall Langford and I can’t see that we will drop off that much.  A top 10 Team Defense finish is still in the cards.  Think about this, when Peyton was with the Colts their team defense was nowhere close to our:


Team Defense Rank











Stats extracted from NFL.Com

The only year that Peyton had a top 10 Defense was 2007, and what happened that year? Manning won his only Superbowl.  If our defense can put together a respectable year and finish in the top 10 you would automatically have to think that we are going to be a strong team to consider come January 2013.

One other thing to mention, Peyton went to the playoffs for each year listed above, even though his team Defense wasn’t top 10.  That right there should prove to you the impact a Peyton could have to our team.

Now we do have some work to do on our defensive side of the ball to ensure we have a playoff caliber defense.  One thing that I cannot stress about is the importance of adding a play making safety. Reggie Nelson is available, but I would prefer LaRon Laundry if he is healthy.  Secondly we would have to add a dynamic pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake. I am sure we will be using our first rounder or seconder rounder pick on fulfilling this need.

Well, let the day time drama start, the wheels are turning, and these are the days of our lives.  But for now we are young and restless…awaiting any guiding light to show us that Peyton will be bring his opera to Miami!