Redskins/Rams Trade Bolsters Miami’s Chances To Land QB


Last night the Redskins and Rams finalized their blockbuster deal for the number 2 pick in this years draft where RGIII or Andrew Luck will be taken by the Skins.  The cost was only three first rounders, a second rounder this year, and possibly another mid-round pick.  While the move helps the Redskins shore up the QB position it certainly doesn’t help Miami’s position with Peyton Manning…or Matt Flynn.

The Dolphins need to find a franchise QB and the fact that Stephen Ross said this was priority number 1 heading into the off-season could be yet another blow if the team fails to land either a free agent or a top QB in the draft.  The latter seems far more less likely with the trade between the Rams and Redskins.  Ironically, the move could actually help the Dolphins land Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill if the team fails to sign either Matt Flynn or Manning.

With the Redskins no longer considered in “need” of a QB given the fact they are in position to draft the one they want, the teams with major needs at QB is down to three.  Miami, Seattle, and Cleveland.  Yes, I know that as I type that Peyton Manning is somewhere between Denver and Arizona talking with those two teams about joining them.  Understand that Manning isn’t as much a need for them as an opportunity.

Denver won’t draft Tim Tebow’s replacement in round 1 of this years draft because there likely won’t be anyone worth drafting at their spot and they won’t trade up for one.  Denver also won’t likely view Matt Flynn is a viable option either and are not expected to pursue him or show even a bit of interest.  Arizona, the other Manning stop this weekend, is another team that won’t go after Matt Flynn given the fact that they spent so much money on the trade for Kevin Kolb last season.   Nor are they expected to look at drafting a QB early.

That leaves the aforementioned Cleveland and Seattle.  Of the two Seattle will likely be the bigger obstacle for Miami to land Flynn, IF, that is the teams initial fall back option.  Cleveland is said to have lukewarm interest and really wanted to look to the draft.  So how will the trade help Miami land Tannehill if that is an option for the team?

Cleveland picks in the fourth spot and frankly, there isn’t a player on the board that will be worth the cost of moving to number 4.  It’s too early for the Browns to take Tannehill and they won’t be able to move back.  The team is ready to lose RB Peyton Hillis so the Browns may look at Alabama runner Trent Richardson instead.  The Browns, if they fail to address the QB situation in free agency now becomes a logical landing spot for Brandon Weeden, possibly in round 1 at pick 22.

Seattle would then be the only team left and in reality, they will either sit in their 12 slot or be sitting with Matt Flynn in which case they won’t need to draft a QB.  Either way, the Dolphins who are still in the thick of the hunt presumably for Peyton Manning will now realize that getting their QB of the future is suddenly a little bit easier.  Except for Peyton Manning who’s stock may have jumped a bit in terms of financial dealings with the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are the only team out of the three Manning is supposedly interested in that, as I stated above, “needs” a QB.

With RGIII going to Washington, there are no longer any teams in front of Miami who would be interested in Tannehill.  The worst case scenario as I pointed out a week ago was Cleveland moving up to number 2, the Dolphins losing out on Manning, and the Redskins landing Flynn.