Above all else that will happen this off-season, Miami Dolphins Above all else that will happen this off-season, Miami Dolphins

Will Dolphins Wait For Manning Or Fight For Flynn?


Above all else that will happen this off-season, Miami Dolphins fans want to know one thing.  Who will be the Dolphins starting QB in 2012?  It’s a simple question with no simple answer, and one that has been asked every year since Dan Marino hung up his cleats.  This season, the Dolphins have a legit shot to change this annual failure.  Whether with Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, or perhaps in the drafts first round.  There is a problem though.  There always is.  Will the Dolphins wait for Manning before deciding on Flynn?

The Dolphins are sitting on their hands waiting for the Peyton Manning phone to ring.  They need that phone to start buzzing before 4:00 this afternoon.  If it doesn’t, they could risk losing one of their other options.  Matt Flynn.

While there has been some reports that the Dolphins will pursue Matt Flynn, there is no indication that flirtation will start as long as Peyton Manning is on the free agent market.  IF the Dolphins feel they still have a shot, they won’t risk losing that shot if they chase after Flynn, not that Manning would view that in a bad light.  Still with Seattle and Cleveland expected to make big runs for Flynn’s services it is safe to assume that Flynn will not be on the open market long.

Yesterday it was reported that Flynn was in Destin, Fl. playing golf, a hop-skip-and a jump from Miami.  The Dolphins top guys however were in Indianapolis talking to Manning and it’s unknown at this time if they have returned to south Florida yet or not.  While Flynn may not be the first free agent off the board, it’s likely that he will be gone within the next 48 hours.  Both the Browns and Seahawks know that Miami is a legit landing spot and if the Dolphins wait for a Manning decision, they have a window of opportunity to get a deal done if Miami focuses their attention in another direction.

Today at 4:00 the NFL kicks off their 2012 season with the start of free agency.  The three to four week affair will take teams almost to the draft, it’s what they do now, in the next few weeks that will be the base of their team for the regular season start in September.  We will keep you updated throughout the day and tonight will run a 2 hour live Finsradio.net show covering all of today’s top free agent news.