Dolphins Finally Moving On From Manning?


Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that three teams are still in contention for Peyton Manning.  Arizona, Tennessee, and Denver.  He was quick to say “notice we didn’t mention the Miami Dolphins”.  Mort is simply reporting what everyone else on the planet has known for days, the Miami Dolphins are not going to land Peyton Manning.

Now word is surfacing that Matt Flynn will make a free agent trip to Miami following his visit with Seattle.  Provided of course that he leaves Seattle at all.  This is the first time that the Dolphins finally appear to realize the did not get a rose (bad Bachelor pun here).  Fans will point out that this is the third kick to Stephen Ross’ groin.  Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher, and now Manning.  I point out that it’s the second time Ross got lucky.

Manning is way overpriced for a player who is coming off four neck surgeries, isn’t throwing for anyone, and expects a team to shell out 90 million over four years.  Hello, he will be retired in three.  Manning is an enigma and while he has world class talent, his escapades have made him look like Brett Favre junior without ever saying a single word publicly.  He has dragged his decision out for over a week and held teams at bay from making any significant free agent signings while they wait.

Two teams will get the shaft and look to free agency where the pickings have slimmed considerably.  Denver who has the most free agent cap space of the three remaining teams will suddenly find a plethora of spending money and very few top end free agents to overspend it on.  If of course they suddenly become “rose-less”.

Regardless of where Manning ends up, it’s a relief to think that the Dolphins are finally seeing through the fog and realizing that they were simply there to drive up the interest.  It’s a telling sign when Manning meets with the owners of three teams and not the owner of the Dolphins.  That should have been their first clue, if in fact he never did meet with Ross somewhere behind a closed to media room.