Two Quarterbacks Could Be Added To The Mix


Everyone is speculating that the two front runners for Peyton Manning is the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans. If Manning does go to one of these teams, a new QB is introduced into the Quarterback frenzy laid out before us.

Denver Broncos – Tim Tebow
Last Year: 1,729 YDs, 12 TDs, 6 INTs, 660 YDS 72.9 QB rating
Rushing – 660 YDS, 6 TD
There is no secret that John Fox and John Elway do not want Tim Tebow as their QB. Peyton Manning gives them a way out of the Tebowmania that was gifted from the staff before them. That means Tebow would be tradable. Steven Ross is most likely the owner that would go all in on Tebow, now that Jacksonville just signed Chad Henne. Ross is the one that threw a Gator Day to celebrate Tebow and his team that won the National Championship. He not only did it in The U’s city but it was the most packed Sun Life Stadium was all year. Ross knows “With great Tebow, comes great profits.”

Tennessee Titans – Matt Hasselbeck
Last Year: 3,571 yds, 18 TD, 14 INT, 82.4 QB rating.
Tennessee won the Matt Hasselbeck award last year and this situation becomes really strange. Matt Hasselbeck did alright for the Titans, and has a great relationship with the staff, so to replace him after one year is all Bud Adams. This is the Adams, Young scenario all over again. The only difference is the QB is Peyton Manning, and the Coach would be willing to play him. Matt Hasselbeck will need to be released to make cap room, which in turn turns last year’s prize into someone else’s. He has been to the playoffs 6 times.

Either one of these guys would be a step up from Matt Moore. Matt Hasselbeck’s career speaks for him, but I think Tim Tebow would be the biggest prize. Tebow gives Miami that star power, ticket sales, and a Todd McFarlane Toy. The good news, in Miami, Tebow would finally have a coach that would like to see him succeed. People say there would be no way he could be a West Coast guy, but I have to disagree, I watched every game he played last year, and it was only when they let him get comfortable in the pocket and throw the ball that he did great. Remember there was an entire game that they only called 8 pass plays. The only game they gave him a shot to let loose was when he played Pittsburgh. I believe they thought they had no shot in beating them so they wanted to show how bad Tebow was, but it backfired. The next week they went back to their old game plan. The only reason I am saying all this is not to boost Tim Tebow up, but to give you hope for when he becomes a Miami Dolphin.