Alex Smith Visits Miami Today


Do you think that around the league players are getting a little ticked off with Peyton Manning‘s indecision?  Last week the media scoffed at Tim Tebow’s apparent uneasiness with the Broncos wooing of the future HOF’er, today San Francisco’s inability to commit to their QB Alex Smith is causing Smith to get out of San Fran.  So, Smith is in Miami today visiting with the Dolphins.

Matt Flynn apparently escaped out of Miami yesterday without a contract bu an offer that some in the know are calling “modest” at best.  Jeff Ireland appears to be low balling free agents this year.  (more on that later today).

The irony of all this is Jim Harbaugh.  The 49’ers apparently gave Smith a lukewarm offer that he was sitting on while the two sides negotiated.  In the middle of this “negotiation”, Harbaugh hopped a plane and flew to Raleigh/Durham North Carolina to watch and throw with Peyton Manning.  It was so secretive that no one knew it was happening.  So while Smith was home thinking he was returning to the team he took to the NFC Championship last year, his HC was out recruiting the biggest name in the NFL.

Alex Smith has been in the league since 2005 after being drafted number 1 overall by the 49’ers.  He has never lived up to that pedigree but broke out last year with over 3,000 yards, a QB rating of 90, and only 5 interceptions.  He led the 49’ers in a stunning teeter-totter win over the New Orleans Saints and shouldered two late game come from behind drives to finally secure the win with a TD pass to TE Vernon Davis.

Like the man across the field, Drew Brees, it appeared that he had turned a corner.  A change of coaching served him well, would a change of team do the same?  For the 49’ers this is a tough spot to be in.  They were one game away from the Super Bowl and appeared ready to add the necessary pieces to get over that hump and make run this season.  Yet while they await the “decision” of Manning, they may lose their QB who led them last year.

This would be an almost devastating event for the 9’ers.  If they lose Manning and lose Smith while they are awaiting Manning’s decision, they could also lose out on Matt Flynn to Seattle leaving them very little if anything on the open market.  They would likely have to turn to the draft but they pick deep in round 1 and likely won’t be able to move up far enough to get someone who could start immediately.  The team would have to turn to last years 2nd rounder Colin Kaepernick.

It’s amazing the havoc that Manning is putting on the NFL, considering his camp said he would have a decision by the start of free agency last Tuesday.  Now it appears he has wiped the timetable off completely and has informed teams that he isn’t sure when he will make a final decision.