I Will Say It, Bring Tebow To Miami!


Today the Miami Dolphins are talking shop with David Garrard but a report says the team is in fierce negotiations to make Alex Smith their next QB.  Hopefully, that won’t rule out a play for Ryan Tannehill in the draft.  Having both would be a great move by the team for the future and provide Miami a solid back-up plan if Smith fails to play like he did last season.

This however is not about Alex Smith or Ryan Tannehill.  This is about Tim Tebow.

Earlier today I wrote a piece regarding Miami fans to get ready for “Tebowmania” rumors as it’s only logical that the perceived worst team in the NFL structurally would go after the worst structured QB in the NFL.  Of course I meant it as a “Please Miami stay away from Tim Tebow” piece.  I have since given this more thought and to be honest, I’m kind of open to the idea of adding Tim Tebow.  In fact, I say go for it.  With one caveat.

He is not to play QB.

Consider a trade with Denver.  It will be cheap because one, his contract is horrid after this season due to incentives reached last season.  So the price will be low.  Maybe lower than a third rounder if not we have two thirds, I say give them one of our 2013’s for him.  If the Phins can swing that deal and renegotiate the terms of his deal, why not move him to another position?  Say WR, TE, or even use him as a substituting RB who can dare I say it, throw the ball.

No, I’m not saying bring back the Wild Cat, keep the QB under center and line up Tebow behind him.  There are options there.  For Stephen Ross this would make good business sense.  While Tebow isn’t going to sell out the stadium he will bring more fans into the stadium.  He will bring a bit of intrigue and some excitement as well.  We all know that what Tebow is best at is running with the football, so why not put him in a position to actually get the ball in his hands to do exactly that?

I’m not an idiot and realize that Tebow comes with a high degree of snickers and laughter and the Dolphins really don’t need any more circus surrounding them, but let’s be real here for a second.  Tebow is a good person which is why he is ridiculed so much.  Fans almost tend to hate on him simply because he sticks to his faith as opposed to those they support who stick to their roots of street fighting and drugs.  Or murder accusations…Ray Lewis anyone?

The point is this.  There is no rules that say Tebow has to be on the roster as a QB.  Who knows, maybe the guy can return kicks or something.  The reality is that the Dolphins could use a little juice for the fans and like him or not he carried the Broncos team last year on his legs…not his arm.  So put him in a position to use his legs.  Matched up in the slot in a four wide set with linebacker coverage?  My money is on Tebow.

The Dolphins offense doesn’t fit Tebow’s style of quarterbacking but that is o.k. as I have stated, Miami doesn’t need nor should they want him to stand behind center.  The Dolphins need him in operating space.  They need him to take a pitch to the outside and pick up four yards.  They need to pitch it to him left and allow him to pull out of the run and float the ball to a wide open receiver 10 yards down-field.  In other words, they need to find a way to coach him to be something other than a QB.

If the can do that, then I am all for Tim Tebow in Miami.  But not as a quarterback.