Is Jeff Ireland Guilty?


Dolphins’ fans are probably the most annoyed fans in sports today. This is a team that couldn’t do wrong and broke the mantle of perfection, but today’s Miami Dolphins is anything but perfect. The Dolphins have been on a downward slope since they forced Dan Marino into retirement. Some believed because of that action the Dolphins would enter into a 13 year curse; this year is that 13th year. For the past 12 years we have watched the Dolphins like a man stuck in quicksand; the more drastic he tries to fix the situation, the more he sinks, and the less of that man is able to be seen.

The fans have been outspoken of their relationship with Jeff Ireland since he asked Dez Bryant about his mother. A general manager and talent scout, which is the role of Ireland, is to be a people person and try to get them to sign with the team he is representing. When Ireland asked about Bryant’s mother being a prostitute, it sent up flags that maybe this guy isn’t the best man for that job; that by no means is a way to get someone to sign with your organization. The fans watched as the Dolphins collapsed under the new general manager, but in a strategic move he was able to shift the blame onto Bill Parcels and Tony Sparano. That move did not work for most fans as they flew a message above Sun Life Stadium asking for the firing of Jeff Ireland.

Now entering into the final year of Jeff Irelands contract, the Dolphins have entered free agency with an unprecedented stroke of defeats. First the courting of Peyton Manning was a disaster, and according to it is the tandem of Steven Ross and Jeff Ireland that drove him away. Next, the star wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, was traded away, leaving a bigger hole for the team to fill. Say what you will about Brandon Marshall, good or bad he was the only person in Miami that would speak up about the issues going on with the team. Then every player that could improve the team significantly from free agency has come and gone, and even favorites of the 2011 Dolphins team were not resigned. This begs to question, what are Jeff Irelands plans? Is he waiting for the draft? Is he waiting for Hasselbeck or Tebow? Is he so focused on pinching every penny that it doesn’t matter who he signs, as long as they’re cheap? All these questions will be answered, but something better get done or they might have a riot come through the doors demanding blood.

New Coach, Joe Philbin, was the nicest surprise coming from the off season. No one has come after Philbin for these debacles in free agency, but why should they? Jeff Ireland said, “I am going to go find players for the head coach. That’s what my job is going to be, that is my ultimate job for this head coach, is to eliminate distractions from him and let him coach the football team and I have to fins football players for him.”

Now, players from around the league are starting to come out and say why players don’t want to come to Miami. Ryan Clark, when asked why no one wants to come to Miami, tweeted, “It’s my honest opinion. Not a good guy making decisions. Ryan Clark doesn’t represent everyone, but he does see the same perception that everyone else sees, and as we use to say in the Army, perception is everything.

I will post my opinion on fixing the situation in the comments. We would like to get your input too, so please leave it in the comments.